Friday, May 15, 2015

Old Event Boss Rare Spawn Guide

This is a guide with locations to all the old event bosses that still rarely spawn, even after the event is over.
Celtic Heroes has had events since Halloween 2011, but not every special boss from these events still spawns. This is a list of all the bosses that you might see, and where to find them.

King Frostbelly
Lord Icefist
(Yule 2011)
Nothern Peninsula in Lir's Reach. Kill Jotuns to make them spawn.
Connacht Bosses
(Yule 2011)
Throughout Shalemont. Click here to see the guide.
Wolf bosses
Shadowhowl, Fenris, Bloodfang, etc.
(Yule 2011)
Lir's Reach Crossroads. Kill wolves to make them spawn.
Ythair Sunscale 
(Beltane 2012)
Lir's Reach Stone Circle
Solstice Drake 
(Beltane 2012)
Small hollow between Tavern Waterfall and Flintblade Camp in Lir's Reach.
Solstice Hatchling
(Beltane 2012)
North of Crossroads leystone in Lir's Reach
King Vorum Dreadbone
Prince Corvax Dreadbone
(Samhain 2012)
On the beach at the Northern Peninsula in Lir's Reach
High King Ymir /
King Askold / 
Lord Grimling
(Yule 2012)
Ymir: Top of Northern Peninsula
Askold: East of Graveyard
Grimling: West of Highshore Village
Steelfang/Sunpaw By Tavern waterfall
(Beltane 2013)
East of the Western Road leystone in Lir's Reach
Sunclaw Hatchling
(Beltane 2013)
North of Crossroads leystone in Lir's Reach
Sunclaw Drake
(Beltane 2013)
North of the Southern Road Leystone in Lir's Reach
Synak Sunclaw / Tarchon Sunspine
(Beltane 2013)
Lir's Reach Stone Circle
(Samhin 2013)
Top of Northern Peninsula
(Samhain 2013)
West of Flintblade Camp
(Samhain 2013)
East of the Western Road leystone in Lir's Reach
Witchfinder Cornelius /
Witchfinder Maynard
(Samhain 2013)
South of the Central Viaduct leystone in the sewers.
Witchfinder Tancred /
Witchfinder Conrad
(Samhain 2013)
Murky Vaults, East of Lower Cistern leystone by the waterfall.
Witchfinder General Hopkins /
Witchfinder Ismebard
(Samahin 2013)
In the Murky Vaults, from the Lower Cistern go West up the stairs and down the hall. The first room on the left.
Yaltag (Daltag) /
Scithan (Fasgar) /
Anmoch (Slairig)
(Samhain 2013)
Fingal's Cave, South of the MacCroin Camp leystone
Esmerelda Nightshade /
Lucinda Stinkwart
(Samhain 2013)
On a hill South of Highshore Village, West of the Temple of Belenus
Elvira Hexmoon /
Verruca Pusfingers
(Samhain 2013)
By Tavern waterfall
Granny Badbones /
Rowena Scabskin
(Samhain 2013)
West of Flintblade camp in Lir's reach
Natan Athatch
(Yule 2013)
Lir's Reach Stone Circle

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