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Pets Guide for Celtic Heroes

This guide will help you understand how pets work in Celtic Heroes

What kinds of pets are there?
  • Dogs
    • Tiny Brown Mastiff = 1 pet token
    • Tiny Tan Mastiff = 2 pet tokens
    • Tiny Black Mastiff = 3 pet tokens
    • Tiny Silver Mastiff = 4 pet tokens
  • Rabbits
    • Tiny Brown Hare = 1 pet token
    • Tiny White Hare = 2 pet tokens
    • Tiny Black Hare = 3 pet tokens
    • Tiny Golden Hare = 4 pet tokens
How do I get Pets?
  • Pet tokens in Seasonal chests. Trade them to Sedric the Pet Vendor 
    • 32 Pet Tokens to get the top lowest tier pet
    • 128 Pet Tokens for the top highest tier pet
  • Hunters Prize Tokens from Bounty Board. Trade them to the Bounty Vendor Leigh the Sturdy
    • Brown Dog: 128 Hunter's Prizes for top dog
    • Tan Dog: 256 Hunters Prizes for top dog
    • Black Dog: 384 Hunters Prizes for top dog
    • Silver Dog: 512 Hunters Prizes for top dog

Where are the Pet Vendors?
  • Farcrag Castle, in the area north of the courtyard. near the Sunlit Fashion vendors by a well.
How do I equip my pet?
  • Menu > Inventory > Equipment tab
  • There is a slot in the top right above your gloves slot for your pet
  • Drag your pet from your inventory (other section) to that slot
Why isn't my pet showing?
  • You need to feed your pet
  • Buy dog food, or rabbit food, from Sedric the Pet Vendor
    • Dogs will only eat dog food, and rabbits will only eat rabbit food
    • Watch what level pet food your pet needs as it grows. Level 6 pets will only eat level 6 food, level 5 pets will only eat level 5 food, etc.
  • Use the food, and your pet will appear
  • It will be active for 1 hour
  • Death does not cancel the effect of pet food
How do I upgrade a pet?

Pet Trade In System
Based on player feedback we have implemented a trade in system for heroes wishing to change their adventuring companion (No animals were hurt in the making of this feature). Talk to Sedric the Pet Vendor for further details. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

What stats do my pets give me?
  • Dog = Vitality
  • Rabbit = Focus
What skills do my pets give me?
  • Dog = Canine Bite: Ranged attack. that deals damage and lowers defense. 
  • Rabbit = Natural Focus: Heals health and energy
How do I improve my skills?
  • Get the Dog/Rabbit Training skill by completing the "Talk to the Animals" quest given by Druid Robena.
  • Improve your Pet Training skill by using your pet's skill
  • Rabbits and dogs have separate skills to train
What's the best heal my rabbit can give?
  • A level 6 Golden Hare at 2300 skill level will give you 
    • Heal you 1223
    • Regenerate 175 energy per tick (for 15 seconds)


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