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Legacy Boss - Undead Fire Titan and Bone Giant

Name: The Undead Fire Titan

Level: 70
Stars: 6
Legacy Event: Samhain 2011
Zone: Otherworld
Location: Biggest blue mushroom near the rock wall straight back from the wardens entrance
Signature Drop: Darkflame Armour
Spawn found by: Ferron, sako/Arawn
Event Guide: Samhain 2011

Name: Bone Giant

Level: 80
Stars: 6
Legacy Event: Samhain 2011
Zone: Carrowmore
Location: Mordris Pit - On slope down just West of the pillar to the right as you enter the room
Signature Drop: Skull pendants
Spawn found by: Jake, Redbones/Epona, sako/Arawn

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