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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anniversary 2013 Present Locations

The map below shows all the present locations and black hat mobs that I know about so far. I know that there are others that I am missing, and this map will be updated as I find more.

Yellow stars are presents, black stars are black hat mobs.


  1. There's one in the crops behind Highshore Village :)

  2. Awesome Bitey, Ty
    There is one at the se corner of the castle, actually just north of the SE corner.

  3. Thanks for the help! I added both to the map, and found one more along the way. There are now 22 presents and 3 black hats on the map.

  4. From the forums, people are saying that there is a present on the beach, and one at the crossroads. I haven't found them yet.

    They are also reporting that there is a black hat mob in croockback in front of bonehead. I haven't seen him myself, but multiple people are saying that he is there.

    Someone also said that there is a black hat flamebringer at the beach, but I haven't seen him yet either. He will be carrying a torch.

  5. There is also one right when you enter the gates outside of the tavern.

    And a suggestion: why not do a spawn map for the Tavern, Arena, and Castle?


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