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Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragonlord Offhand Weapon Skills

Here are the skills that are attached to the Dragonlord ofhand weapons

Dragonlord Vengeance- Use the power of your Dragonlord Shield to strike back at opponents that attack you for up to XXXX damage. Only enemies vulnerable to Divine damage will be affected.

Dragonlord Boon - Release the protective spells bound within your Dragonlord Codex, increasing the Chaos Resist of all allies within 6 meters of your target by XXXX.

Dragonlord Wrath - Activate the enchantment in your Dragonlord Quiver, boosting your damage by XXXX against enemies vulnerable to Divine attacks.

Dragonlord Fury - Cast a powerful spell from your Dragonlord Grimoire that sears targets for up to XXXX damage. Only affects targets vulnerable to Divine Attacks.

Dragonlord Spite - Strike with the enchantment on your Dragonlord Rondel, leaving a wound that deals up to XXXX damage per tick for 15 seconds. Only affects targets vulnerable to Divine attacks.

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