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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loading Tips

The following text is the loading tips from Celtic Heroes. These tips show up as the game is loading.

Welcome to Celtic Heroes!

Report any issues using the in game support menu

Keep practicing - your abilities get better as you use them!

New skills are gained by reading training manuals

New spells are learned by reading spell tomes

You can turn off help overlays in the options menu

If your game runs slowly, reduce the draw and detail sliders

Look in the help menu to get information about how to play

Visit the item shop to get more platinum

Check out the latest items for sale in the item shop

Your strength stat increases the damage you do in combat

Dexterity helps you to dodge enemy attacks and to hit enemies

Focus increases the total energy you have and your spell power

Vitality increases the amount of health you have

Get extra character slots from the item shop

You can create a new clan using a Clan Banner

Your characters are only in the world you created them on

Higher level skills are more powerful but cost more energy

You can travel instantly to Leystone from the Map page

Fast travel to Farcrag castle for free with no carry limits

You can duel other players in Farcrag castle courtyard

You can fight other players group v group in the Arena zone

See your quest progress in the Quest menu page

See who is in your area in the Area social page

The Clan social page lets you interact with people in your clan

Talk to nearby players using the Say chat button

Talk to other people in your clan using the Clan chat button

Reply to a last received message with the Reply button

Learn new abilities from trainers scattered throughout the land

Some statues may grant you favours if you leave them offerings

Press the ? button on menu pages to see help for the page

Add items to your HUD from the item section of the Skills page

Equip skills and spells to your HUD from the skills page

Draw distance can be changed from the option menu

Only clan Chieftains and Guardians can invite new players

The weight of equipped items reduces your total energy

Higher quality arrows add damage and range to your bow attacks

Strength does not increase your fire, magic or cold damage

When you die you respawn at the nearest entrance or Leystone

You gain an extra skill point each time you level up

Upgrade your skills and spells by assigning your skill points

First aid ability helps with bind wounds and recuperate skills

Weapon abilities can increase accuracy and damagege

For each level you gain 5 points to spend on your main stats

Your maximum ability increases each time you gain a level

Some creatures are more vulnerable to certain types of damage

Active effects each show a HUD icon, touch for effect details

Effects active on your target are visible under their healthbar

Quests, vendors and trainers are shown on your map and compass

Form a group to help you challenge more powerful enemies

Five star enemies are best tackled in a strong group

Six star enemies are best fought with many strong players

Better arrows can increase your archery range and damage

You can choose to hide your helmet in the inventory options

Change you look without losing armour with fashion items

The jewelry inventory page has slots for jewelry items

Inspect nearby players to see what items they are wearing

You can trade and swap items with other players

The social page shows nearby players, friends and clanmates

Your PvP rank increases with opponents you have defeated

PvP experience is gained from players within 20 levels of you

Upgraded skills are more powerful but use up more energy

You can add players to your friends list

Sigils are permanent upgrades consumed instantly when bought

Stars above the heads of your enemies show their difficulty

Enemy levels are shown in brackets after their name

People or creatures with red names are hostile towards you

Yellow names show an entitiy is indifferent towards you

Green names show friendly characters who will talk to you

Clan names are displayed above player names

The Continue button enters the game where you last played

Extra character slots can be used on any server

Trainers are shown as a hat symbol on your map and compass

Merchants are shown as a coin symbol on your map and compass

New quests are shown as a ! symbol on your map and compass

Talk to characters with a ? symbol to complete quests

Quest enemies are shown with crossed swords above them

Backpacks permanently increase your fast-travel item limit

Sigils of Health permanently speed up your health regen

Sigils of Energy permanently speed up your energy regen

Use a Book of Rebirth to reset all your character stats

Use a Book of Alteration to reset all your skill points

Items can be equipped on your HUD in the skills menu page

Skills can be upgraded or equipped from the skills menu page

To fast-travel, click on the markers on your map page

List all players in your area using from blue HUD button

Show your friends list using the blue button on the HUD

Show and manage your group with the blue HUD button

Show and manage your guild using the blue HUD button

Chat to other players using the white speech bubble button

Perform emotes by pressing the red exclamation marks

See all your current quests in the Quests menu page

Examine nearby players by double tapping on them

Quickly talk to npc's by double tapping on them

To quickly auto-attack, double tap on the enemy

Notifications on the bottom of your HUD can be clicked on

See your message history using the ABC HUD button

Combat xp is evenly shared by all nearby group clansmen

There is an xp bonus for each additional group member

More powerful enemies often drop better loot items

Items marked NOTRADE cannot be traded with other players

Items marked BOUND cannot be traded once equipped

Be careful when trading, support cannot refund traded items

Gambling is not permitted and is against the T and Cs

Do not ever share your password with another player

Some items have restrictions on class or stats

Potions and scroll effects are lost upon death

Elixir effects stay with you even after death

Spell scrolls can be used by any class to cast spells

Check the label - potions vary in strength and effect

Footstep sounds can be turned off in the options menu

Auto attack can be turned off in the options menu

You can block other players in the examine page

Examine other players to see what items the are wearing

Whisper sends a direct message to another player anywhere

Say to send a message to nearby players only

Some enemies are resistant to certain types of damage

Items can increase resistance to different damage types

Magical weapons and items can possess powerful effects

Adventuring in a group gives an experience point boost

You can turn off receiving shouts in the options menu

Music volume can be changed in the options menu

You can upgrade your skills in the skills page

You gain an extra skill point to spend each level

Each level gives you five extra stat points to spend

You can travel instantly to any Leystone from the map

You can turn off names above heads in the options page

You can change the size of name text in the options

You can get more skills by reading skill and spell books

You can pick up items that glow from the ground

Warriors can wear heavy armour to take less damage

Rangers are masters of archery and outdoor skills

Mages are experts at elemental damage spells

Druids are masters of healing and nature magic

Rogues use cunning and stealth to defeat their enemies

Some quests can be repeated more than once

Some skills can be interrupted by enemy blows

Use the meditate skill to regain energy points

The joypad shows nearby quests, vendors and trainers

Your joypad shows a compass to help you get around

Potions and items can be equipped to your HUD

Get powerful new potions and elixirs from the item shop

Regain all your skill points with a Book of Alteration

Re-allocate your stat points with a Book of Rebirth

A resurrection idol lets you resurrect with full health

Sigils increase your energy and health regeneration

Leystone fragments allow overweight fast travels

Expand your travel capacity with a Backpack Expansion

You can get platinum from the item shop page

Get free platinum from the Facebook and Twitter page

Change your password from the character select page

You can reset your password from the main menu

Online rankings show clan and player rankings

See Achievements and Leaderboards using Game Center

You can invert the X or Y camera in the gameplay options

Look sensitivity can be changed in the gameplay options

Pinch and zoom to change the in game camera zoom

You can zoom the map screen by pinch and zooming

Visit the official forums at

Visit for news, forums and previews

If the game runs slowly, reduce the draw distance option

Some areas require a key or quest to get to

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