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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PVP Ranking Titles

As you defeat other players in duels and in the arena, you get PVP experience. As you gain PVP experience, you obtain new PVP titles. There are two components to your title: rating and ranking.

Ranking is your PVP experience over the long term. The more people you defeat in duels and the arena, the higher your ranking will be. This is based off of total PVP experience.

Rating is based off of your PVP win/loss ratio. As you win, your rating goes up, and as you lose your rating goes down.

There are 30 PVP rankings, and 13 ratings. Your title is listed as: rating first, and ranking second. The PVP leaderboards are based off of your ranking.

The PVP ratings are:

0 Pathetic
1 Feeble
2 Wimpish
3 Weak
4 Average
5 Competent
6 Skillful
7 Powerful
8 Formidable
9 Mighty
10 Deadly
11 Devastating
12 Invincible

The PVP rankings are:

Rank Warrior Druid Mage Ranger Rogue
0 Grunt Hermit Novice Vagabond Urchin
1 Trooper Acolyte Apprentice Poacher Rascal
2 Footman Robe Bearer Scholar Yeoman Pickpocket
3 Soldier Cup Bearer Spell Binder Traveler Ruffian
4 Guardsman Staff Bearer Spell Weaver Fletcher Scoundrel
5 Brawler Pilgrim Disciple Bowyer Robber
6 Basher Priest Enchanter Forester Burglar
7 Bruiser Seeker Scryer Scout Outlaw
8 Wrecker Rainwalker Illusionist Wanderer Thief
9 Gladiator Soothsayer Astrologer Bowman Prowler
10 Charger Envoy Arcanus Watcher Sneaker
11 Lancer Grovewalker Conjurer Woodsman Cutthroat
12 Veteran Emissary Runeseeker Trapper Trickster
13 Vanguard Gladewalker Dreamseeker Skirmisher Brigand
14 Vanquisher Treesinger Professor Archer Buccaneer
15 Berserker Sage Wizard Tracker Troubador
16 Butcher Windbringer Warlock Longshot Corsair
17 Knight Thorncaller Battlemage Hunter Swashbuckler
18 Templar Seer Magus Stalker Marauder
19 Seneschal Thunderer Sorcerer Marksman Blade
20 Marshall Lorekeeper Summoner Strider Duelist
21 Defender Elder Invoker Pathfinder Creeper
22 Guardian Stormbringer Augur Wayfarer Infiltrator
23 Juggernaut Prophet Haruspex Voyager Spy
24 Champion Oracle Diviner Trailmaster Assassin
25 Slayer Earth Father Transmuter Sharpshooter Nocturne
26 Battlemaster Heirophant Alchemist Predator Haunter
27 Warmaster Mystic Grand Magus Huntmaster Ravager
28 Warlord Tempest Archmage Bowmaster Shadow
29 Overlord Ascended Master King of the Wild Nightlord

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