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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reverse Engineered how armor affects PVP damage

Another Papi post on how armor affects PVP damage (Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:14 am).

[quote="Papi"]Each time you hit the game uses a random number generator to pick a value between your max and half your max.  So your average damage will be 75% of your listed max and your Minimum damage will be half your Max damage.  Of course this is only against a mob with zero armor.
Max is the auto damage that is listed on your stats page
Average damage = 75% of max
Min damage = 50% of max
Your Max damage and the opponents Armor determine what percentage of your damage makes it through the armor using this formula:
% damage taken = Max/(Max+Armor/2)

You take your max damage as listed in your stats page say it is 400,
And say the armor of your opponent is 200,
The % damage you opponent will take is 400/(400+100) or 80% of the random damage you do.
Since you will average 75% or 300 per swing, the average damage your opponent will take is 240.

This was done in the arena with a level 91 druid who did 125 damage. And a level 91 warrior who took off pieces of armor to get different armor values.
850 data points were taken to calculate 8 values for the average, max and min damage.
This formula fits very nicely over the data points taken.
Not included is how your damage is effected by the level of the mob.  That is next.
Edited to state this is pvp only.  Pve is still a mystery.[/quote]

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