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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dragonlord Boss Spawn Times

All the Dragonlord armor bosses in Carrowmore spawn on a regular timer.  They spawn in a 5 minute window.

Plan your camping times will help you to get to the boss on time. To time these bosses it is a good idea to set an alarm. The built in one on your iDevice will suffice, but I prefer to use a free app called Alarmed. It lets you easily reset your timer with one tap, although you need to log out of the game to reset the timer. See this guide that will teach you how to time bosses

Level Respawn Time  Gem Egg Urn Idol Horn Crown
Deepscale the Cavewing 150 1 hr X
Ulrob the Spider Queen 155 1 hr, 10 min X X
Bor-Ag-Valon High Priest of the Boggans 160 1 hr, 20 min X X X
Krem-Nor-Borok, High King of the Boggans 165 1 hr, 30 min X X X X
Sreng, Champion of the Firbolgs 170 1 hr, 40 min X X X X X
King Snorri Bonechewer 180 1 hr, 50 min X X X X X X

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