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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plat Selling Guide (a.k.a. Sell chests!!)

This is a guide about selling chests to get money quick!

So I started selling some plat yesterday to get one of my new characters geared up. For some reason I still had 4000 plat left over from the last double plat event :) Probably the best thing that OTM did for plat sellers is putting in chests. I'm going to discuss how you can use chests to get the most money for your character. Selling straight plat items is not the best use of your money!

I've heard from a ton of people that they've got nothing much of value from opening chests, but others get a lot of good stuff. It really just depends on how lucky you are. I'm not that lucky, so selling chests to other people was the way to go.

(Warning: Math)
Now assuming that you have 4000 plat, and you sell an event chest for the minimum price of 20,000 gold, that will get you 2 million gold easy. at 50 plat per chest, that is 400 gold per plat. On the world I was on, I was able to find a person selling super knowledge lix for 3000 per lix. At 16 plat per lix, that's 187.5 gold per plat. So selling chests and buying lix from other people gave me a net profit of 212.5 gold per plat. multiply that by 4000 plat and you would making 850,000 more gold than if you just bought lix from the plat store.

Here's a breakdown of what I did yesterday to get started on my new character:

Income: Sold 65 Chests
26 @ 20k per chest = 520,000 gold
56 @ 25k per chest = 1,400,000 gold
Sub Total = 1,920,000 gold
Cash on hand = 20,000 gold
Total = 1,940,000 gold

Expenses: Items Bought
Crappy Broom = 130,000 gold
Ancient Relic Dragonstaff = 175,000 gold
SK lix (340 @ 3k each) = 1,020,000 gold
SK lix (85 @ 4k each) = 340,000 gold
Skill Tomes x 2 = 2,000 gold
Total = 1,667,000 gold

I still have 35 chests left to sell, so I might either get some lux or get the rest of the lix I need to get to 180+.

The point I am making here is that you can maximize the amount of stuff you can buy by selling the chests you buy with plat, and rebuying plat items from other players. Using the math above, you can see that if you just bought 4000 plat worth of SK lix you would be losing out on at least 850,000 gold (at 3k per lix that equals 283 SK lix). Sell chests, and use your gold to rebuy the crap that came out of the chests you just sold!

A couple side notes:

1) after a double plat event, plat items are dirt cheap. My suggestion is (if you have a ton of time to wait) to buy your plat at a double plat event (like the Spring anniversary event) and hang onto your plat until the plat well runs dry on your world. Then at the next event (like Samhain) buy your chests and sell them for the maximum price.

2) Sell your chests on the first day of the event. The sooner the better. If you can sell chests in the first couple hours of the event, it would be ideal because there will be many buyers. The amount of chest buyers goes down as the event goes on. just a few days after the launch of Samhain 2013, I am noticing less buyers than the first day.

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