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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Samhain 2013: Spirit Dust Map

Samhain 2013 is upon us, which means that the next collecting quest is here! This time, we are killing Wandering Spirits and collecting spirit dust to turn in for Stag Masks. Tier 1 stag masks are 10, tier 2 is 25, and tier 3 is 100. So not surprisingly, there are many people selling and buying spirit dust. The map below shows where each spirit is located, marked with a yellow star.

There are also Samhain Witches travelling about. Killing them will get you different flavors of Brimstone Scrolls, or a rare Felspine mount! (note: while making his guide I actually got a 10% Felspine to drop from a witch) Witches travel over a wide area, and I have marked them on the map using green stars and lines to show where they travel.

There are also bosses that spawn all over the world. I've only marked the Lir's Reach bosses on this map, since the locations of the bosses will be on another post. A good list of bosses can be found here: Celtic Heroes Forums

**Note: this map is a work in progress. Please feel free to comment if you have found a spawn that I have not marked. Thanks!*

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