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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poor wo/mans guide to making money

This guide will give you tips on how to make money if you are a low level and poor.

Originally created by Kendrill of Morrigan. Reposted from on November 16, 2013

I am waiting for falgren atm so i thought id do this being both bored and looking for answers myself. Ill start out by saying i am only lvl 128, ranger, so maybe some techniques might be better for this, or that, or the other class. but this is what i was able to put together from my experience as a true grinder.

FIRST- dont be an ultra noob and ask for gold. im not sure what i find more annoying, someone asking for 100k, like that is even going to happen, or someone asking for something like 20 gold for stamps. either way you show everyone that your both annoying and stupid. so dont do it if you want to be taken seriously.

Most importantly!!! BE PATIENT

at younger levels it can be tough especiallly if your not a plat buyer. whats important is you find a place to farm that works for YOU. so main quest and dailys might net you some gold, but when your ready to farm, you need to find a spot where your not taking all day to kill a few mobs. it has to be quick and you move on and on. I liked duskwither cats when i was younger. running from boss spawn to boss span killing everything in sight with the occasional boss to drop a gem of sorts. ideally once you hit 20k you want to try and keep it so you can access one of the better vendors. quigs. he will give better prices on most items but there are some items that sell better in different areas depending on the item itself.

But what items are you selling too? I live in morrigan, and i imagine other worlds being similar, but a lot of items like pages might not get sold since sometimes joining a clan will get you all of them for free. or maybe a weapon drop in dw that isnt good enough to have a large market of buyers. when you get items like these, find someone of the relevant lvl. for example from the grove, you can get a bloodgrove staff once in a while. they will sell for 40 at quigs, and 47 at charm trader in stonevale farm(or something like that) what i like to do is find a low lvl druid who could use it and offer it to them for like 60. to much and you wont sell it and it will go to merchant. this way you give them a deal, make a few extra coins in the process.

even at my level i like to farm at the grove. although time management is crucial in this game since it can be slow at times. I like to use a wisdom lix, to train my abilities, kill the everglow wisps, and wait for brutus spawn. so multitasking can be extremely useful for both ability and monetary gain. what is important, no matter what anyone tells you, farming is only effective if you are in an area that is managable at your lvl. it might be different for everyone. find a spot that suits you best. i heard hawkhursts is good for the chests but since update im not sure if there is a market for them like there once was.

Items buying/selling. so your more commonly used items, alt book, rebirths, lixes these items usually go at a set price(from my experience in morrigan anyways) so if i see someone who is just trying to make some money and offering one for 1k off its usual value ill buy it. even if i dont need it. cause i know someone will buy it soon enough and i will make 1k for nothing. lixes are great. there will always be a market. if you can buy from 3-4k and sell to someone desperate at 5k you can make money while losing nothing. granted these are some simple rules of economics, buy low sell high, but i find a lot of people are to impatient to wait a little longer for things if it only costs them a little more. which is why i said be patient!!

an low lvl getting patient!! with all the new lux items and things flowing from spooky chests people will want to off load their old lux to get new ones. thats where you need to get it. ive bought heroic ammy for as low as 122k. a quiver of beast for 200k. haste ring for 220k. granted some might be lower or higher depending on circumstances, but it sure is a lot cheaper than at the vendor.

And do us all a favor..whn you shout because your selling something dont spam it.. instead travel to a different area and shout it again in order to get the most amount of people to see your offers. if you shout it in same place your not getting anyone new to read save for few who might of shown up since you last said it. so pop in and out of sv/lirs/shale/ow and keep in mind what your selling. low lvl weapons might not sell in ow so try dw.

when you reach the appropriate lvl go bossing. you might not have to be to high to kill a bonehead peon or redbane peon, they will drop a gem that can net you a few hundred.

one of my favorite tricks is when im not even logged on playing!! whatever works for you, urgan or say brood queen. bosses that drop good gold. ill run to their spawn before i log and throughout the day, just pop on, get the kill then log. its easier once you get the kill cause then you got it on a timer and can log in quick for the kill. but i used to do urgan like this all the time. takes me 20 seconds to log on and kill urgan every hour for a few hours a day and when i log on to actually play i have a few thousand gold that i got effortlessly.

items that you dont have to buy, like discs and rems, you shouldnt. granted i dont follow this always but if you can hold out you should. cause all it takes is a little hunting party and yo ucan save yourself some gold if you get it on drop.

if you decide to get plat by either paying or free offers just remember that the chests are a gamble. i bought 10 spookys one time and didnt get a single event item. but whatever floats your boat. these days i buy xp lixes and only xp lixes. they can get expensive and the higher lvl you get the ore crucial they become when lvling.

that was just my brain spewing info and hands trying to keep up. if i forgot something please let it be known and if you have any questions i will be looking at the boards so you can post it and hopefully ill get back in a reasonable time frame. and if something else comes to me i forgot to mention i will add it. until then. happy hunting!

Kendrill lvl 128 Ranger



  1. really awesome contents and i hope all can earn really easily by reading your ideas from online earning sites

  2. can u tell me how to get about 20,000 gold cuz im a lvl 31 ranger and i have like no money ive been farming at dw but i only get like 700 xp and 10 gold from 1 guy and its not going too well for me so i need some advice on how to get a quick 1,000 for a lvl 31 ranger plz

    BlackHawk54 lvl 31 ranger

  3. It's easier to get money at higher levels than it is lower levels. At level 31, it's going to take some time to get 20k. here are some suggestions where you can farm at level 31

    - Catacombs - 4* Rotsmashers and boss placeholders
    They drop gems that can potentially be sold to the vendor for a lot of money

    - Shalemont - Connacht mobs East of camp
    They have a chance to drop Connacht weapons that you can sell for 50-70g

    - Lir's Reach - Flintblade Camp
    The mobs there don't drop the most gold ever, but they do drop armor that can be sold to the vendor. There are also at least two rare spawn gold mobs in that area that will drop coin purses that can be vendored for a considerable amount of money.

    One other thing to consider is choosing where to sell your items, because not all vendors pay the same. Make sure that you sell items at the blacksmith next to the bank in the castle. He pays the exact same amount of money as the castle luxury shop, which is the best paying vendor in the game.

    I'll add more info if I think of anything. Good luck!

    1. Also, Urgan the Wretched in the Sewers is a good boss you can do to get money. He drops a couple hundred gold, and spawns hourly (i think?)

      Here is a video of him


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