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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Skill Evasion Training Guide

This guide will show you where to train evasion abilities, and what the abilities are.

There are five skill evasion types that all need to be trained. The question that people have most often is "where do I train them?" This is a very good question because some mobs train certain abilities only, and some do it better than others. Based off of my experience, and the experience of others, here is a list of locations that are good for training your abilities. Remember to bring your ability elixirs!

Skill Protection
Quest NPC
Reflex  Movement Evasion Roots, Freeze, Sheild Bash, Bolas, etc. Statue of Epona
Warding  Spell Attack Evasion Lightning Strike, Fireball, Ice Shards, etc. Statue of Cerridwen
Vigour  Wounding Attack Evasion Vines, Rend, Incinerate, etc. Statue of Taranis
Fortitude  Physical Attack Evasion Pummel, Giant Swing, Quick Strike, etc. Statue of the Daghda
Willpower  Weakening Attack Evasion Howling Wind, Lure of Ice/Fire/etc, Smoke Bomb, etc Statue of Lir

1. Fortitude

  • Bosshogs (Stonevale) - BEST! - OTM nerfed the pig pit by putting a bunch of Wildsnouts in it. May not be best anymore
  • Rockbelly 1* and 2/3* Frosthammers - very good, but you might get bothered by people wanting to kill Rockbelly
  • Connacht Blademaster Captains (Shalemont by Walter Notchspire bridge)
  • Bloodgrove Rootwreckers (Stonevale around rock before Falgren's area)
  • Golems (OW) - Not good. They hit too hard.
  • Blackstones (OW)
  • trees (OW)
  • Kelpies (OW) - Bad. Don't cast skill often enough
  • eyes (OW)
  • Bonehead placeholder - Bad. No adds that cast skills.

2. Vigour

3. Warding

  • Fairy Loredancers (Stonevale) - BEST!
  • shalemont mages (near shalemont river)
  • shalemont mages (on hill leading to issian firecry on the western side of the map)
  • druids (Stonevale)
  • eyes (OW)

4. Willpower

  • Purple Phantoms (OW) - BEST!
  • blue eyes (OW)
  • Dragon bosses (Aggragoth, Mordris, etc..)

5. Reflex

  • 3* Druids (Stonevale Druid Pit) - BEST!
  • Connacht bowmen (shalemont near ironspikes old camp)
  • blackstone bowmen (over the bridge near fortress outskirts in OW)
  • Otherworld Ghosts (by Scion ofthe Lost)
  • Red Spiders (Carrowmore Tunnels)
  • Trees (OW)

Learn the difference between Defense/Attack and Evasion Abilities, and why Dexterity does not affect skill evasions.

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