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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yuletide 2013 Present Map

Back by popular request, here is one more event map! Yay! These maps show the locations of the presents, snowmen, spirits, and bosses around Lirs Reach and the Tavern for the Yuletide 2013 event.

Like before, this map is a work in progress so I will be updating it as I find more. If you know of any other present locations, please leave me a message in the comments or on the Celtic Heroes forums.

Thanks to xvanguardx, here are the amount of presents needed for each tier of hat
Red- 5 presents
Pink- 10 presents
Orange- 20 presents
Yellow- 40 presents
Green- 80 presents
Turquiose- 150 presents
Blue- 250 presents
Purple- 400 presents
Black- 600 Presents
White- 1000 Presents (I wish you good luck)
So we come at 2555 presents to get white crown

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