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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Locations for all Skill Tomes

All of the locations of where you can get all skill tomes for all classes in Celtic Heroes

Breakdown of skills introduced in v4 Dragonfire Update
These are the locations where you can find skill tomes and rings for each zone.
Fingal's Cave: Dunskeig Sewers: Carrowmore Tunnels:
Ice Blast Skewer Sharpen Weapons
Longshot Shadowstrike  Life Steal
Bless Defensive Formation Shield Wall
Shatter Explosive Arrow Fire Attunement
Riposte Stinging Swarm Rescue
Double Attack Frostbite Sanctuary
Energy Harvest
Double Shot
Ice Attunement
Expose Weakness

In my experience farming in Fingal's Cave, any mob can drop a manual or a ring. I've found Greater rings from killing 1*s. Another thing I've found is that 5* bosses seem to drop a manual or ring 100% of the time. Also, they never drop anything below a greater ring. I've killed a good number of 5*s, as well as my friend, and always gotten drops following this.

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