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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Skills Training Guide by Smellyunder

As promised, i am writing a series of post on levelling skill evasion abilities, namely warding, reflex, vigor, fortitude and willpower.

Also see the Skill Evasion Training Guide

This first post will touch on why it is important to level the skill evasion abilities.

It is as important as levelling because while a high level toon is stronger in your attack and class specific skills, high level does not protect u from the skills hit of bosses. End game bosses and dl bosses have very high skills attack damage and unless u have high hp, you may not be able to sustain one hit from some of the skills damage. But with high skill attack evasion, you will more likely be able to avoid such skills hit and better survive a boss fight.

So, it pays to increase the skill abilities. To be able to achieve this requires not only hard work but knowing how you can do it, particularly, which mob to train on for each skill evasion ability.

In the future serious of postings, i will share with you my tried and tested methods of maxing my skills evasion abilities. A lot of the information i am sharing can be found in the forum but it is scattered all over. Also, some Information in the forum are not quite accurate and I found out the hard way in the course of levelling my abilities. I also want to thank some clannies for sharing their knowledge and experiences with me in this regard which I will impart to the rest of the clan.

In the next posting, I shall discuss what each skill evasion ability does as you may want to focus on one or more specific abilities depending our your class and build. So, stay up for more details.

Second post - what do each skill evasion ability mean

Reflex - affects your ability to avoid movement skills like roots, freeze, shield bash, bolas and other stun / hold skills.

Warding - affects your ability to avoid direct damage spells like fireball, ice shards, lightning strike.

Vigor - affects your ability to avoid damage over time skills like vine, rend, incinerate, etc

Fortitude - affects your ability to avoid physical attack skills like pummel, gore, quick strike, withered beam

Willpower - affects your ability to avoid weakening skills like howling wind, lure of fire/ice, smoke bomb, etc

End game bosses and dl bosses cast skills with similar effects as those mentioned in the example above. If u have high points in the skill evasion abilities you will be able to avoid the skills cast much better.


Third post - general tips n trick to train skill evasion abilities effectively and at lowest possible cost

First of all you must use wisdom lix to train to get anywhere unless u can train up to u r 100 years old.

Secondly, u must avoid dying while training. This means u must have hp regen or high hp or have a sufficiently high level of skill evasion abilities. This depends very much on your class and the dl armour u have and gear which boost such abilities. Best weapon to use for skills training is the 1 m celestial dragon staff which grants 1000 bonus for each ability. You will be able to avoid quite a number of skill hits while training n not dying.

Third, u need at least 4 mobs spamming skills hit on you to be effective. If u can have 6 or 7 mobs on u without dying so mic better.

Fourth, i love to train abilities while afk. It is productive use of time. This explains why i never respond to pm or clan chat when i training; so dont feel offended. However apart from not dying, u need to know which mobs u train on run out of energy after how many lix n can no longer cast skills. You will have to relog n reengage them.

Fifth, lock the mobs so that noobs n rival players who turn up have less tendency to kill them or even if they kill them u get the loots. This works nicely for me when i engage brutus to train. Got a few drag frags as a result. If rascal come to disrupt, just log and wait for a better time.

Sixth, make sure u have the right mobs n right number up before lixing. Kill lesser mobs to force spawn right mobs if needed. This may take time so patience is a virtue here.

Seven, dont bite more than u can chew. I am sure mordris is an excellent skills training boss but it would be foolish to train with mordris. There r one star mobs which are as good as 3 star mobs for some abilities. In this case, engage the one star mobs because u can group more without dying. Gore tusk is as good as the one star red piggy for training fortitude.

Stay tuned for more.......


Skill evasion abilities training secrets revealed:

I will now share with you what are the best mobs for training each ability starting with willpower.

For willpower, the best mobs are the one star purple ghosts which spam life drain on you. I normally gather 8 to 10 to attack me and train afk on them. They raise your vigor too by casting soul bleed but at a much slower rate than willpower so they are not a good choice for training rigor.

You may wonder how I am able to survive the onslaught of attacks from so many of them without dying. That is a secret that I am not telling you and you have to unravel it yourself. The clue lies in the screen shot here. Lol


Skill attack evasion abilities training secrets revealed:

reflex I had shared the secret for levelling willpower previously. Now i shall share with you the secret of raising your reflex quickly.

Reflex is important for bosses that cast skills which immobilize you like freeze or bolas. The best mobs for training reflex are the three and four star druids in Stonevale druid pit including Falgren ph. One and two star druids do not work at all as they dont cast root. Kill the two and three stars and green druids to spawn the three and four stars. Get as many of them as you can to spam roots on you. Your reflex will shoot up in no time.

Only problem you may face is that noobs come to druid pit often to check on falgren. Some of these noobs r rascals and there r also high levels from rival clan who will come and kill your training druids. Watch out for epluralbrium, heart, nameremoved, interfacterum , among others who will not hesitate to kill your mobs. When you see them in sv, and if your lix is finishing soon, do not relix until they r gone. Your willpower and warding also go up with the druids mob but not as much as your reflex. Some said spiders r good for reflex too but i find them slow in raising it because they cast net intermittently unlike the druids who spam roots all the time. Get the druids in a line for orderliness. Lol



Summary on abilities training:
Willpower - one star purple ghosts in ow
Vigor - three n four star white horses n spearhorn ph in sv
Fortitude - bosshog, guzzle n goretusk ph in sv
Warding - loredancers in sv
Reflex - three n four star druids n falgren ph in sv


There are not many posts to help you level your skill attack evasion abilities. Many learned it through trial and error. I know there are many players who know the tricks but who will not share them with you or who will only share them within their clan. So, I thought I post this to help everyone level your skill evasion abilities quickly.

The key to levelling the abilities fast is to know whicch are the best mobs for levelling them. They are as follows:
1. Reflex: Three and four star druids in Stonevale druid pit
2. Warding: Loredances in Stonevale
3. Vigor: Three and four star white horses in Stonevale where Fellfire is
4. Fortitude: Bosshogs, Guzzle PH and Goretusk PH in Stonevale
5. Willpower: One star purple ghosts in OW

There are other mobs that raise the above abilities too but the above mobs give u the fastest rate of increase. For example, u can level reflex on spiders which cast net but it takes ages. Likewise, grey ghosts increase your vigor too but it takes like a thousand years before u max it.

I neglected training the abilities until two weeks ago when I decided to max them. And training on the above mobs, I managed to max all my abilities (3 of which were below 1000) within two weeks of training. Now I match Term in my abilities level. But Term is still better than me without doubt. His first aid is max. Lol.

Learn the difference between Defense/Attack and Evasion Abilities, and why Dexterity does not affect skill evasions.

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