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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aggragoth Cave Guide

Aggragoth's cave, at the far East end of the Otherworld, is a good spot for farming gear. Not only does this have an end game boss that drops some awesome gear, but the regular mobs drop useful items as well. In this guide I will show you what items drop from each mob, so that you can farm most effectively.

Aggy's cave can be divided into two halves, the West side, and the East side.

West Side

The West side has mobs that drop
  • Damage rings
  • Main Hand Weapons
  • Off Hand Weapons
  • Head Armor

Damage Rings

Damage rings are dropped by the Obelisk of Power. The Obelisk is a big stone that spawns once a day, with a spawn window of 22 to 26 hours. It cannot attack back, but there are 4 dragoncult mobs that stand around it that make the fight difficult. You will need to clear these mobs as you fight the obelisk. The Obelisk drops rings that will give you between 10 and 50 fire/cold/magic damage. A 50 damage ring is rare, but not impossible to get. These 40/45/50 damage rings are the same rings that Aggragoth drops.

Main Hand Weapons

The Dragoncult druid mobs (level 140-143) in this area have a chance to spawn a rare mob that has a chance to drop a weapon. These rare spawns are Master and Apprentice mobs, and can drop the weapons on the chart below. Most often, these mobs only drop a Cultist's Weapon Shard, which can be sold for 1000 gold to the lux shop. The map above shows the location of each spawn point for each weapon.

Weapon Name Skill Damage Speed Level Stat
Master Blade of the Chosen Shield Bash +4 82 Slash 2900 130 Dex +75
Master Hammer of the Hoard Protective Stance +4 93 Crush 3250 130 Vit +75
Master Drakeflame Wand Lure of Fire +4 52 Magic 3000 130 Focus +75
Master Drakefang Dagger Assassinate +4 72 Pierce 2400 130 Dex +75
Master Axe of the Lair Giant Swing +4 88 Slash 3100 130 Str +75
Master Drakehorn Bow Steady Aim +4 84 Pierce 2900 130 Dex +75
Master Drake's Eye Staff Shield of Bark +4 78 Crush 3400 130 Foc +75
Apprentice Blade of the Chosen Shield Bash +3 74 Slash 2900 110 Dex +50
Apprentice Hammer of the Hoard Protective Stance +3 84 Crush 3250 110 Vit +50
Apprentice Drakeflame Wand Lure of Fire +3 47 Magic 3000 110 Focus +50
Apprentice Drakefang Dagger Assassinate +3 65 Pierce 2400 110 Dex +50
Apprentice Axe of the Lair Giant Swing +3 79 Slash 3100 110 Str +50
Apprentice Drakehorn Box Steady Aim +3 76 Pierce 2900 110 Dex +50
Apprentice Drake's Eye Staff Shield of Bark +3 70 Crush 3400 110 Foc +50

Off Hand Weapons

There are two spawn points in the cave where you can get an offhand weapon from a rare spawn Dragoncult mob: a Firebrand, and a Skewerpoint. The Firebrand drops an offhand torch weapon, and the Skewerpoint drops an offhand spear weapon. Both spawn points are labeled on the map above.

Head Armor

A rare spawn Batmask mob can drop a rare piece of head armor that gives a stat bonus. The mob in this cave can drop three different tiers of masks, with Dread being the highest tier (that sparkles too). The spawn point for this mob is labeled on the map above.
Dread Malevolent Menacing
Mask of Darkness (Vitality) 25 15 10
Mask of Midnight (Focus) 25 15 10
Mask of Shadows (Dexterity) 25 15 10
Mask of Terror (Strength) 25 15 1

East Side

The East side has mobs that drop
  • Bracelets
  • Vendorable gems
  • Aggragoth boss drops
    • Weapons (tridents, books)
    • Rings (skill bonus and damage)
    • Bracelets (skill/ability)


The 6 wyverns on the East side of the cave have the chance to drop a bracelet that gives a bonus to three stats. The lowest tier gives a bonus of 5, while a godly bracelet give a bonus of 25 to three stats.
Strength Dexterity  Vitality Focus
Wyrmclaw Bracelet X X X
Wyrmfang Bracelet X X X
Wyrmscale Bracelet X X X
Wyrmtail Bracelet X X X


The 5 druids on the East side drop gems, anywhere from a jasper to a diamond. These are the same gems that are dropped by Meteor boss placeholders, or that are dropped in the Catacombs.

Aggragoth Boss Drops

Aggragoth is a dragon that spawns every 2 to 4 days at the far East end of the cave. He is a level 150, 6 star boss and requires multiple groups to take him down. He is surrounded by 4 Wyrmtamers that heal him.
Aggragoth drops 4 items each time

  • A weapon - either a trident or a book
  • A bracelet - gives a bonus to skills, a bonus to an ability, and a bonus to a stat
  • Two rings - either a damage ring like the higher tier obelisk rings, or a ring that gives a bonus to a skill, +6 to +10.

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