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Friday, April 11, 2014

Defector Quest Walkthrough

This is a detailed guide to every part of The Defector quest in Shalemont Ravine.

This quest starts at Kail the Defector at the MacCroin camp in Shalemont Ravine. The object is to defeat 14 Connacht champions placed around Shalemont. The reward is a super combo elixir.

Each defector boss is 5 stars, and take about an hour to respawn. There can be a 3 or 4 star placeholder (page/squire or apprentice/disciple) that spawns instead of the actual boss.

Each defector boss has a chance to drop a weapon unique to that boss, or a lesser version of that weapon.

Name Level Boss Attack Speed Major Weapon Minor Weapon
Bradon Quickblade 32 1890 Quickstrike Skirmish Knife
Curran Stabscar 35 2700 Eagle's Vigil Connacht Longspear
Jerral the Hunter 35 2700 Hunter's Hound Tracker's Bow
Klondur the Devastator 38 2700 Spiked Devastator Heavy Cudgel
Issian Firecry 38 2700 Flaming Fury Firestick
Welwan Greywall 41 2700 Landguard Spear of Defence
Carlow the Killer 44 1620 Gladius of Punishment Punisher
Walter Notchspire 44 4050 Bolt Thrower Heavy Bow
Malcolm Blackblade 47 3240 Barrelblast Blade Fortifier
Wrolf the Unstoppable 50 4050 Thunderclap Cleaver Galloglach Axe
Vendral Farsight 50 2700 Quiver of Farsight Large Quiver
Malus the Serpent 53 2700 Perilous Heart Fencer's Foil
Laird the Guardian 56 2700 Wall of Eternity Defender's Pavaise
Severen Skystrike 56 2700 Rod of Blessings Wand of Energy

It is a soldier's lot to turn farmlands into battlefields, to make clear streams run red with blood. Our consolation is that we fight to keep our homes safe. How cruel a fate then, to be forced to inflict such on your own home. That is why I left Mac Roth, traitor to his own land. That is why I am hunted, but at least I will die with a clear conscience, and will go to the Blessed Isles with truth and honour in my heart.
I was once a trusted soldier of Lord Mac Roth, but when he bought war to Dal Riata, I could not stand by and let my homeland be destroyed. I defected to lend my skills and knowledge to Clan MacCroin, but Mac Roth does not quickly forget such an act. He has sent fourteen of his greatest champions against me - former comrades who will now not rest until my head adorns the battlements of Bromhold Keep.
You would aid me? I welcome that, for I have no wish to die. I would ask you to kill the fourteen champions who hunt me. They each lead one type of Connacht soldier, and all of them are here in Shalemont Ravine. Here, I will write their names down in your Quest Log for you. But be careful, these are elite soldiers and will not easily be beaten. In return for your assistance, I will give you a powerful Super Combination Elixir that I was given by a Connacht Warlock.
Boss locations

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