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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meteoric Armor Quest Walkthrough

Once you finish the Warden Armor quest chain, don't fool yourself into thinking that you're done! At level 85 you can now begin your Meteoric Armor quest chain. This quest will give you armor that is imbued with the power of the meteor by the sky god Camulus. Here is the info you need to know:
Thank Camalus, god of the sky, that you have returned to aid us! We are under attack from a new breed of foes unlike any other. I speak, of creatures imbued with dark powers from beyond our own world!
We saw a falling star cross the sky a few nights ago. It split into many pieces as it fell, and scattered Lir's Reach with astral rocks and other artifacts from the heavens. Many of these pieces struck creatures as they fell to the earth. These creatures have grown to a vast size, their skin turning red as the unnatural energies of the falling star course through their blood.
 Now these creatures are on the rampage! We must slay these powerful foes to restore order to the land. As a reward, if you retrieve the meteoric artifacts embedded in the bodies of these foes, I will use them to forge powerful armor for you, boosted with the might of the heavens!

Quest Description
  1. The quests start at the Wardens in Lir's Reach at the stone circle
  2. You need to have finished the Warden Armor quest line
  3. You need to be level 85 to begin with the gloves. Each armor piece has a level requirement 5 levels higher than the last piece.
  4. You need different 3 remnants and 3 tablets, of a color that is specific to your class plus a meteoric crystal that is obtained from zombie bosses in the sewers.
Here is a summary of what you will need
Armor Questgiver Level Remnants (3) Tablets (3) Meteor Crystal (1)
Gloves Warden Brixos 85 Earth Water Minor
Boots Warden Rhallai 90 Rock Earth Lesser
Helm Warden Vinda 95 Metal Fire Common
Legs Warden Eanan 100 Stars Air Greater
Chest Warden Griga 105 Space Mind Grand

Class Remnant Color Tablet Type
Warrior Red Slate
Druid Green Granite
Ranger Yellow Basalt
Mage  Blue Marble
Rogue Black Obsidian

So for example, 
Warrior cosmic gloves = 3 red remnants of earth, 3 water tables of slate, and 1 minor meteoric crystal. 
Rogue cosmic legs = 3 black remnants of stars, 3 air tables of obsidian, and 1 greater meteoric crystal
Got it?

Where do I get these items?
Remnants and tablets are dropped from bosses in Lir's Reach, Crookback Hollow, Shalemont Ravine, Stonevale, and Dunskeig Sewers. Here are the bosses that drop them:

Armor Piece Level Req Remnant Remnant Boss
Gloves 85 Remnant of Earth Stonefang, Bonehead, Ironscale
Boots 90 Remnant of Rock Bonehead, Ironscale, Shivercowl
Helm 95 Remnant of Metal Ironscale, Shivercowl, Rockbelly
Legs 100 Remnant of Stars Shivercowl, Rockbelly
Chest 105 Remnant of Space Rockbelly

Armor Piece Level Req Tablet Tablet Bosses
Gloves 85 Water Tablet Goretusk, Bladewing, Redbane
Boots 90 Earth Tablet Bladewing, Redbane, Spearhorn
Helm 95 Fire Tablet Redbane, Spearhorn, Coppinger
Legs 100 Air Tablet Spearhorn, Coppinger
Chest 105 Mind Tablet Coppinger

Armor Piece Level Req Meteor Crystal Mob Level Stars
Gloves 85 Minor Twisted Crawler 85 5
Boots 90 Lesser Carak the Twisted 90 5
Helm 95 Common Alva the Twisted 95 5
Legs 100 Greater  Twisted Shambler 100 5
Chest 105 Grand Twisted Stalker 105 5

Where are these Bosses?
Here are maps showing you the locations of all the bosses

Lir's Reach

Crookback Hollow

Shalemont Ravine


Dunskeig Sewers

Coppinger is the hardest boss to get to. Here is a video showing you how to get to him from the Lower Cistern leystone

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