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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Warden Armor Quest Walkthrough

This post will tell you everything that you need to know to get you through the warden armor quest.

The quest begins at level 60 at Sweyn the Messenger in Stonevale

To begin this quest line, you need to be level 60 to talk to Sweyn the Messenger in Stonevale. After that, you need to talk to Oisen the Warden in Lir's Reach at the stone circle.
Ah! You must be  _Name_, am I right? I was told I might find you here. I bring a message from my benefactor - Oisin, leader of the Wardens of Dal Riata. The Wardens are an order of fighters who have long stood in opposition to the evil Morrigan, goddess of chaos. Now the Wardens seek the help of a noble _Class_ - a _Class_ like you, __Name____
Beware, __Name__. If you accept this task, it will be a long and arduous one, but the rewards will be well worth it. It has been many days since I last saw Oisin, you will need to search the lands to find him. Will you go and speak to Oisin? 
 You should go and speak to Oisin the Warden. You can usually find Oisin and the other Wardens at the stone circle in Lir's Reach.

The quest armor has different names for the different classes, and are blessed by different gods:

Class Armor Name Weapon Name Blessed by God
Warrior Bloodstrike Sword of the Shining Sun Camulus
Druid Goldsong Totem of the Midnight Stars Druantia
Ranger Greythorn Bow of the Four Winds Flydais
Mage  Loremantle Wand of the Silver Moon Nechtan
Rogue Moonshadow Dagger of the Darkest Night Lugh

This quest is tiered by level, and requires different items
This means that there is a different level requirement on each armor quest, and that you need to gather different items to get

Armor Questgiver Level Disc framents needed
Gloves Warden Brixos 60 Moon Disc (1), Sun Disc (1)
Boots Warden Rhallai 65 Moon Disc (1), Oak Disc (1)
Helm Warden Vinda 70 Sun Disc (2), Elm Disc (1)
Legs Warden Eanan 75 Oak Disc (2), Crown Disc (2)
Chest Warden Griga 80 Elm Disc (2), Dragon Disc (2)
Weapon Warden Oisen 80 Crown Disc (2), Dragon Disc (2)

Here are the amount of disc fragments you will need, and where to get them. 
All bosses spawn in the Bloodgrove area of Stonevale.

Disc Name Quantity Dropped by
Moon Disc 2 Fellfire, Charfire, Chillmist, Crystalmist
Sun Disc 3 Fellfire, Charfire, Chillmist, Crystalmist, Starspell, Shimmerspell, Spirehoof, Crumblehorn
Oak Disc 3 Chillmist, Crystalmist, Starspell, Shimmerspell, Spirehoof, Crumblehorn
Elm Disc 3 Starspell, Shimmerspell, Spirehoof the Corrupted, Crumblehorn, Falgren Bloodbinder, Brutus 
Crown Disc 4 Spirehoof the Corrupted, Crumblehorn, Falgren Bloodbinder, Brutus 
Dragon Disc 4 Falgren Bloodbinder, Brutus 

Locations of Bosses

Prices for Disc Fragments
The easiest way to get disc fragments is to buy them from other players, however Dragons and Elms will be the most expensive ones to get, while moons and suns will be relatively cheap. Prices change based on what server you are on, who is selling to you, and the rarity of the disc on the server. Here are what I think the prices are on Arawn at this moment:

Moons and Suns - 1,000 gold
Oaks - 5,000 gold
Crowns - 10,000 gold
Elms - 15k - 20k gold
Dragons - 30k - 50k gold

History behind the Warden Quest from Oisen the Warden:
I am Oisin, leader of the Wardens of Dal Riata... or rather, of what is left of the Wardens. Our noble order has a long history, but all that ended in one dark day of battle and death, long ago. Our mission, bestowed upon us by Nuada, king of the gods, is to ensure that the evil that is imprisoned in the Otherworld never finds its way into this realm.
 I feel it is best to begin from the very start. When the Celtic gods first came to this world, they found that another god already held dominion here: Crom Cruach, an ancient and evil deity of sacrifice and slaughter.
 Crom Cruach had been ruling the land in a reign of terror - demanding the sacrifice of his followers in order to temper his wrath. The Celtic gods were horrified by what they witnessed, and went into battle with Crom Cruach. Our gods emerged victorious and locked Crom Cruach in a prison in the Otherworld - the parallel world of magic that lies next to our own.
 Now, you do not imprison a god the same way you do a man. Instead of iron bars, Crom Cruach's prison was a mighty standing stone to which the evil god was chained. The Celtic gods then channelled Crom Cruach's power away from him and into six large carved discs of stone: the Moon Disc, the Sun Disc, the Oak Disc, the Elm Disc, the Crown Disc, and the Dragon Disc.
Nuada, the king of the gods, went among the people and chose the best and strongest champions he could find to watch over the prison, to make sure that Crom Cruach would never break free. These brave heroes travelled to the Otherworld to become the first Wardens of Dal Riata. Under their watchful eyes, it would be impossible for Crom Cruach to ever escape from his prison... or so we thought.
 There were five wardens initially, and they were the most powerful: Bloodstrike the Brave, Goldsong the Wise, Greythorn the Vigilant, Loremantle the Learned, and Moonshadow the Swift. For many years they held the Discs that contained Crom Cruach's power, but eventually new heroes were recruited too, and soon the Wardens became a powerful force in the Otherworld.
 When I joined there were over a hundred Wardens - a noble brotherhood of warriors, rangers, rogues, mages and druids. Alas, not all of us had the strength of those first five mighty heroes. Although Crom Cruach was held within his prison, his power still lay within the Discs that were in the possession of the Wardens, and he could still reach out and manipulate those of us who showed any sign of weakeness.
 Crom Cruach could not make any direct action of course, but he did not need to. He merely began to place doubts in the minds of those who lingered too long around the Discs, and soon those doubts began to be spoken out loud. Why were we there? Was Crom Cruach really so bad? Could we trust our fellow Wardens? Why not open the gates to the prison so our duties would end?
 A rift began to form amongst the Wardens of Dal Riata. On my side, there were those whose minds were strong, who stayed loyal to Nuada and the other Celtic gods. Our opponents were none other than our fellow Wardens, who had now unified under one goal - to seize the Discs and open the prison, releasing Crom Cruach once more into the world!
 A mighty battle followed. Never have I seen such bloodshed, as the Wardens fought each other under the dark skies of the Otherworld. When the dust settled our enemies lay dead around us, but of those who had stayed loyal only six remained - myself and the other Wardens you see around you now. The time of the Wardens as we once were was at an end.
Though we had won, and Crom Cruach had not been freed by those who had taken his side, we knew that we could not stay in the Otherworld and risk the same thing happening again. We had to leave that place and travel to this world. Here we would destroy the Discs once and for all.
 We went through the portal to Stonevale, and there I took my sword and broke the Discs into a thousand pieces. We scattered these Fragments far and wide throughout the land, for only if enough Disc Fragments are found and reassembled can Crom Cruach be freed.
 Many years passed, and we grew old. Indeed, I have had little need to swing a blade in twenty years. It is only recently that dark rumours have come to my ears - tales that a man named Falgren Bloodbinder had somehow been influenced by Crom Cruach and had formed a group called the Bloodgrove Druids not just to worship him, but to free him!
 Falgren Bloodbinder has sent out his most powerful minions to find the Fragments I scattered throughout the world. We need to get those Fragments from them before they have enough to open the gates of the prison and free Crom Cruach, for if that happens it will plunge not just Dal Riata but all the Celtic lands into a new and terrible age of darkness and bloodshed.
 We Wardens are too old to stand against the powerful monsters that are gathering those Disc Fragments. It is time for a new hero like you to rise and save our lands. In return for your aid, we will give you the weapons and armour of the first and greatest Wardens of Dal Riata. These items are all extrememly powerful, and can only be used by a hero who has proven themselves to us.
 I carry the weapons, Griga the Warden carries the breastplates, Eanan the Warden carries the greaves, Vinda the Warden carries the helms, Rhallai the Warden carries the boots and Brixos the Warden carries the gauntlets. Speak to any of us to find out how you can wield these great and powerful items that we carry.

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