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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Double Platinum Sale Guide (with Discount Gift Card Locations!)

This guide explains what the double platinum event is, and keeps record of the dates of previous double plat events so that we can guess when future ones will be.

Double platinum events happen twice a year: once during the Beltane Summer event, and once during Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), and usually lasts for the weekend. That means you will receive double the amount of Platinum with every purchase you make.

How it works (examples):
Buy a Pile of Platinum (which normally contains 60 Platinum) and receive 120 Platinum.
Buy a Sack of Platinum (which normally has 330 Platinum) and receive 660 Platinum.

While we do know the date of the Black Friday plat sale, figuring out the date of the birthday sale is a little trickier, because OTM celebrates it on different dates each year even though the actual birthday of Celtic Heroes is June 14, 2011.

We can, however, look at past double plat events to see when it might happen.

Dates of past Beltane double plat sales:
Beltane Double Plat Sale (2012): July 3 - July 5
Beltane Double Plat Sale (2013): June 21 - June 24
Beltane Double Plat Sale (2014): June 6 - June 8
Beltane Double Plat Sale (2015): August 21 - August 23
Anniversary Double Plat Sale (2016): May 20-23
Spring Double Plat Sale (2017): April 14-18

How many days in advance will it be announced?
OTM has a policy of only announcing the double platinum sale 3 days before it is going to happen.

Sale Gift Cards

Time conversion for double platinum event end time



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