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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Farming Spots at a Low Level (where to farm at level 30!)


So you're level 30, and you just finished the starting quest line. You're probably thinking: "I'm poor!" The goal of this guide is to give you some ideas on where to farm for gold, because it only gets more expensive from here!

The most important thing to remember is to sell all your vendor trash to Fergus the Blacksmith, in the castle next to the bank. He will give you the best deal on everything that you want to sell.

Here is where you can farm

1) Dustwither Catacombs - 4* Rotsmashers and boss placeholders
These mobs drop stones and gems (Jaspers, moonstones, bloodstones, etc.) that can be sold to a vendor for a pretty good price.

2) Shalemont Ravine - Connacht mobs
Your best bet would probably be fighting the Connacht mobs to the East of the MacCroin camp, since they will be in your level range. These mobs have the chance to drop Connacht weapons, that can be sold for 50-70 gold each.

3) Lir's Reach - Flintblade Camp

These mobs are pretty low level, and don't give you a lot of gold. But there is a reason why this place is a good farming spot.
- These mobs have a good chance of dropping armor or weapons that can be sold to a vendor. The named mob Harry Flint is especially good, because he always drops an item
- These mobs have a reasonably fast respawn, and are grouped in a small area. Them being low level means that you can kill a lot of them quickly. Remember, when farming it's not how much gold you make per mob, it's how much gold you make per hour. Keep killing the easy mobs, and in time you will get a good amount of gold.
- There are a few rare spawn gold mobs in this area. Some drop coin purses that can be sold to a vendor, and some are "Bankrobber" mobs that just drop more gold than normal.

4) Dunskeig Sewers - Urgan the Wretched
This boss in the sewers spawns just about hourly, and drops a some good gold (between 500-1000g). He is level 20/5*, so you may need to get some help with him at level 30. The video below shows you all you need to know about him to start farming this boss for gold.

5) Dunskeig Sewers - Farming Cargo Chests
Cargo Chests are laying all around the sewers, and are needed by high level players for boss fights. 

These chests are used in the quest located at the Aldington Company camp in the sewers, to make Smuggler's Tonic. This tonic is the only thing that will remove the Withering Pox debuff cast by Coppinger the Cruel, and Hrungnir

To make some money off Smuggler's Tonic, go around the sewer collecting these chests. High level players either don't have the time to collect them before a fight, or just forget to. You can sell the tonic to high level players and make some pretty decent cash. 

I would estimate each chest being worth 50-100g, which would make one Tonic worth 250-500g. 

To find the location of all the chests in the sewers, check out my cargo chest guide located here:

6) Farm Hunter's Remains
Hunter's Remains are used in the Hunter's Pledge Quest. They are important because 9 of them will get you a Bounty Pledge. This Pledge allows you to do more than 2 bounties a day (up to 6 max). You can get these Bounty Pledges and sell them to other players. I have seen them sell for 1,000 gold each or more.

What NOT to do!

1) Dicing
Some people swear by dicing, and that they have made a lot of money off it. In my opinion it is not a reliable source of money, and has the possibility of you losing all your money.

2)  Hosting Dicing games
Again, it's not a reliable source of income, and you might lose all your money. I wouldn't suggest it.

3) Begging
Don't beg people for money. It's rude, and it will ruin your reputation on the server. 

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