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Friday, May 30, 2014

Using Dragon Kill Points (DKP) to Distribute End Game Boss Gear

The following is an explanation of how my clan distributes end game boss gear by using Dragon Kill Points (DKP).

For the main bosses such as aggy/hrungnir/mordris/necro, the past few clans that I have been in have used DKP to determine who gets drops. It takes a dedicated, organized person to be able to administer this system, but it benefits everyone and diffuses arguments because it is transparent and fair. 

Essentially, each person gains points for each fight they show up for. When something drops, people use those points to bid against each other on the item. The rules for this system benefit the people that show up the most, because they will have the most points to use. There are no accusations of favoritism either, because the rules determine who will get the drops. 

People get points for leveling and bossing
1) Leveling - you get 50 points at level 135, and then get 50 more points for every 5 levels you gain
2) Bosses - You get points for each boss fight you attend. If you show up between start and half way, you get half the points.
Aggy - 25 points 
Hrungnir - 50 points
Mordris - 100 points
Necro - 150
3) You only get points if you meet the clan determined level req for that boss (example: I think aggy is 130 to earn points, but you cannot bid until 135)

- You accumulate points over time from bossing and leveling, and use those points to bid
- At the end of a fight, only people that were there before halfway can bid on the items dropped
- You can only bid on items that your class can use
- You can only bid on items that you meet the level requirement for
- You can only bid for your main character (unless preapproved by clan. Alts can buy from the bank if no one else objects)
- Bidding starts out at 25, and each subsequent bid increases in increments of 25 (25, 50, 75, ...)
- You cannot bid more than the amount of points that you have at that time
- Bidding stops when all people but one pass or all players but one run out of points. 
- Any items not bid on go to the bank, and can be bought at any time for 25 DKP, or if it is a popular item it will be rebid on at the next boss fight.
- Items can be turned back into the bank for a DKP refund of 50% of the points you originally bought it for, with a minimum return of 25 points.

- Points and drops are kept track of on a Google Docs spreadheet that everyone has the ability to look at
- Although the clan leadership keeps track of points and administers the spreadsheet, it is also the player's responsibility to know how many points they have accumulated.

To address some of the issues MadOnion brought up
1) AFK is a problem, and even mains do it too not just people dual boxing thier friend's toon. It's hard to see if someone is lagging or truly AFK. We keep watch and ask other clanmembers to tell us if they think someone is AFK. If they are AFK the majority of the fight that person does not get points and cannot bid.
2) For the most part, we schedule our raid times when it is most convenient for everybody in the clan. Aggy is Kill on Sight FFA, since other clans can kill him. Hrungnir is scheduled, but is killed within an hour of sighting him. Mordris and Necro have a regular scheduled time. 
3) To address the issue with new players having time to get DKP: giving people points for leveling seems to have solved this issue. Also, having a level req to earn points has done this too.
4) Before the fight starts, attendance is taken. If people arrive late, they must PM the attendance taker or they will receive no DKP for the fight. If they arrive after 50% hp, they will also receive no DKP. 

Originally posted at and updated here to include new changes.

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