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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Beltane Event Guide

Here is your guide to the Summer 2014 event in Celtic Heroes that took place from June 6, 2014 to September 29, 2014. There are many parts to this event, and I'll be breaking them down piece by piece.

Attention! Beltane 2014 ends September 29th! 
Make sure all your quests are done before then!

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Nature Mask Quest

The Green Man in the castle will give you a quest to obtain a nature mask, like the one that he is wearing. To get it, you must loot Nature's Spirits from Tor Caith Faeries that are around Lir's Reach, the Castle. Each tier of the quest has a different color, and you can go back and repeat the color if you so wish. Each color comes in the regular or Radiant variety, that has sunbeams radiating from it.


Here are the amounts of spirits required for each tier:
  • Red - 5 Spirits
  • Pink - 10 Spirits
  • Orange - 20 Spirits
  • Yellow - 40 Spirits
  • Green - 80 Spirits
  • Turquoise - 150 Spirits
  • Blue - 250 Spirits
  • Purple - 400 Spirits
  • Black - 600 Spirits
  • White - 1000 Spirits 
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2555 Nature's Spirits!

The locations of the faeries are marked on the map at the top of the page in yellow stars.
  • The Tor Caith Faeries are level 10, and drop Nature's Spirits
  • Tof Sif Guards are level 40, and drop gold and XP
  • Tor Sif Captains are level 90, and drop gold and XP
  • Tor Sif Sentiels are level 140, and drop gold and XP
  • Tor Sif Devastators are level 190, and drop a lot of gold and XP

Daily XP Bosses

The servants of Donn, the god of death and decay, have drawn the very life out of the creatures of Dal Riata turning them into Morcas Beasts and trapping the essence of the Beltane seasons within them. These essences need to be freed and the mightiest of each Morcas Beast, unicorn, dryad and stag, defeated. Will you help?

There is a daily XP quest that has been introduced with this event. There are two parts to it:
  1. Kill 1 big boss
  2. Gather 12 items from mobs in the area
There are three levels of quests, and different bosses to kill at each level
Level Quest Name Boss Mobs Items
50 Uni-Versus Shadhavar Morcas Unicorns 12 Spring Essences
110 The Stag-gering Issue Taruca Morcas Stags 12 Spring Essences
170 A Thorny Problem Caraich Crann Morcas Dryads 12 Autumn Essences

This quest can be completed every day, and will give you a lot of experience points. Each XP boss takes about 2 hours to respawn

The location of the bosses are listed in the map at the top of the page.

These poor creatures... The very life and spirit of them has been drawn out by the four Warlocks and their servants, the Tor Caith Faeries. They are like living statues, twisted by the arcane spells, their skin turned to stone. I wish they could be saved and transformed back to the beautiful creatures they once were but, alas, only their essences can be freed.
For each beast, unicorn, stag and dryad, there is one greater beast. A nexus that draws out their essences and sends them back to the warlocks. For the unicorns it is the sturdy Shadhavar, the stags surround the powerful Taruca and the dryads are controlled by Caraich Crann, the mightiest of all the Morcas Creatures.


There are 4 bosses around Lir's Reach, that can spawn a 5 or 6 star boss. The 5 star boss drops one item, and the 6 star boss drops three items - a ring, a necklace, and a charm. The locations of the bosses are listed on the map at the top of the page.

Here  is the info on each boss:

Boss Name Level Respawn Time
Galar 50 2.5 - 3 Hours
Kron 100 3.5 - 4 hours
Comrak 150 4.5 - 5 hours
Garanak 200 5.5 - 6 hours

This is a terrible tale of four brothers. Each was greedy and sought power, wishing to show that they were the dominant one and Donn, the evil god of death and decay, saw his opportunity. Secretly he played one brother against the other, making dark deals with each and binding them to his control. Granting each brother power over different vile and ancient magics.
To the youngest, Galar, he gave dominion over disease and a dark bow to spread the infection. The next, Kron, was granted control over decay so that everything his staff touched would wither. To Comrak he gave a mighty sword which would cause man to battle man and to the eldest, Garanak, he gave the very power over death itself and a mighty scythe to hack his foes down.
 I have heard that they are here in Lir's Reach, supported by their acolytes. Each warlock carries special jewelry which empowers them and it is said that when items of the same type are brought together they become even more powerful.
 The Warlocks are aided by faeries. The Tor Caith Faeries collect Nature's Spirits from the surrounding lands, making it devoid of life whilst the Tor Sif are powerful guardians from their citadel. There to drive back the unwary.


There are Two types of fashion items that come in Suncrest chests

  1. Dryad Charms
    1. They make you look like the dryads of the Otherworld, and some can be of the Radiant variety, and will shine with rays of sun around them.
  2. Ardmair Fashion
    1. These are clothes that can come in different colors of the regular or Sunbound variety. Most notably, the top is bare-chested with tattoos, and the hat is a wooden mask.
    2. If you want to make your own real-life Ardmair Mask, click here!
  3. Beltane Harps
    1. There are also a variety of Beltane Harps that come in these chests

Luxury Items

There are a few luxury items in this event, but you need 500k gold to look in the shop. here are the items in that shop, so you can look at them without needing to have the money

The cooldown time on the summer lux skills are 45 seconds.

Double Platinum Sale   Double Plat Sale is Over

*Edit: This Double Plat Sale has now expired. The next sale will take place on November 28, 2014 *

From June 6 to 8th, OTM will be having a double platinum event. That means you will receive double the amount of Platinum with every purchase you make.

How it works (examples):
Buy a Pile of Platinum (which normally contains 60 Platinum) and receive 120 Platinum.
Buy a Sack of Platinum (which normally has 330 Platinum) and receive 660 Platinum.

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