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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chicken Hunt Quest Map

This guide will help you complete the Chicken Hunt quest in Highshore Village, providing a map to all the chicken locations.

The Chicken Hunt quest starts at Farmer Moffatt in Highshore Village, where he asks you to bring him three chickens for a reward of 50 gold:

  1. Red Rooster
  2. Marsh Brown
  3. Black Dumpy
This quest is repeatable

Each chicken spawn point can spawn either a Common Chicken, which is worthless, or a chicken that you need for the quest. The map below shows you all the spawn points for the chickens, and what chickens spawn at each point.

Old Chicken Map:
I'm leaving this chicken map on here just for fun, so you can see where the chickens used to spawn in Lir's Reach way back in the day, before Heroes Landing was even created.

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