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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weapons Bosses - Carrowmore/Sewers

OTM has added 4 new permanent weapon drop bosses to the game as part of the Anniversary 2014 patch released July 31, 2014. Here is all the information so far on these bosses and weapons:

There are 4 new bosses: 2 in Dunskeig Sewers, and 2 in Carrowmore tunnels. They are random spawns that occur within 15 days. They are also like the Blackstone boss, as they carry the weapon that they will drop. So if they carry a hammer, they drop a hammer.

What makes these bosses so tough is their high hp, and that they constantly do an AOE attack. Be prepared to use many idols.

Domnall the Exile [******] - Level 40
He spawns in the far south end of the sewers, all the way at the bottom.
Drops tier 1 weapons

He is pretty hard. According to forum user benbrook:
Surprisingly hard for a lvl 40 boss btw. Took several minutes to kill with my lvl 194 rogue solo
He has three skills to watch out for:

  1. Suprise Attack - like sharp shot
  2. Firebomb - AoE fire attack like explosive arrow
  3. Tourniquet - self heal, like bandage wounds

Domnall the Exile video (/w bow - Oct 21, 2014)

Mor-Garak the Lizard King [******] - Level 90
Spawns in the area just off the path to Hrungnir, in that dead end room.
Drops tier 2 weapons

He is pretty difficult, and has a lot of health. According to TheDarkWar:
the new lvl 90 lizard boss took me and my druid 30 mins, while my warrior main (lvl 172) was on haste/attack/armour/both regens and my druid (141) was using max bees and vines to kill this

Attacks he does are:
  • Water Bolt - Ranged AoE attack
  • Ferocious Bite - Single target skill attack
  • Shed Skin - Heal that is triggered at low life.

Kul-Vasa the Undefeated [******] - Level 140
Spawns in the Red Boggan Room in Carrowmore Tunnels.
Drops tier 3 weapons

Fodbgen the Despoiler [******] - Level 190
A Firbolg that spawns in the Firbolg cave next to Snorri's pit, in Carrowmore Tunnels
Drops tier 4 weapons

These bosses are rare spawns, and spawn in a widow of time, although they are semi-rare to where they spawn a little more frequently than past event mobs. You do not need to kill any placeholder mobs, as these mobs will just spawn regularly.

These bosses have a chance of dropping one of several types of weapons, each of the 4 bosses dropping a different tier of weapon according the the boss's difficulty. Most importantly, these weapons are not bind on equip (BoE)!


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