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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shaman Map and Guide

Shamans are spawning throughout Lir's Reach that have a rare chance of dropping unique fashion headgear, mounts and weapons! Here is your map and guide to farming them!

Attention! Beltane 2014 ends September 29th! 
Make sure all your quests are done before then!

(Big, big thanks to forum user Olex from Balor for giving me the flight paths of the Shamans. Thanks bud!)

Here is a map with all Summer content on it, including Shamans

Shamans come in four different levels: 30, 80, 130, 180

Shaman have a chance to drop fashion headgear, a mount, or bones that can be sold to a vendor for a good price

Burnished Phoenix Glider
This Burnished Phoenix Glider was forged in the primordial embers of the rebirth of a Phoenix. It increases your movement speed by 10%. Uses Novelty Ability.

Radiant Burnished Phoenix Rod

Burnished Blazing Phoenix Crest

There are 4 types of bones, Each coming in the variety of Weathered, Hallowed, and Revered. Each one is a vendorable item and will fetch a good price
  • Shamanic Bones
  • Mystic Bones
  • Sorcerous Bones
  • Runic Bones

Prices to sell to the vendor

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