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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Darkshadow Armor Guide

This guide will walk you through the quest to get the Darkshadow Armor for the Android version of Celtic Heroes. The quest begins at level 60 in the Stonevale Farm.
This quest will gain you the Darkshadow armor set, and is given by Elwen the Scholar at the Stonevale Farm, starting at level 60.
Stonevale has always had an affinity with the magical world, but recently we've been plagued by strange and aggressive creatures of all kinds, and I intend to find out why.
I've heard it said that Highlanders aren't the studious type, but you could be the exception. If you assist me in my studies, I will offer you some powerful armour in exchange.
 For each piece of armor, you need to gather 5 quest items and bring them back to Elwen the Scholar

Armor Level Quest item  Location
Gloves 60 (5) Corrupted Boar Tusks Northeast Stonevale - Boars
Shoes 65 (5) Faerie Talismans South Stonevale - Faeries
Cowl 70 (5) Summoning Stones Paths north of Farm - Blue Wisps
Leggings 75 (5) Corrupted Unicorn Horns North Stonevale - Unicorns
Robe 80 (5) Bloodgrove Grimoires Northwest Stonevale - Bloodgrove Druids

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