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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spiritshadow Armor Quest

This guide will walk you through the quest to get the Spiritshadow Armor for the Android version of Celtic Heroes. The quest begins at level 100 at Warden's  Crossing in the Otherworld.
This quest will gain you the Spritshadow armor set, and is given by Heather Campbell at Warden's Crossing in the Otherworld, starting at level 100.
Hello. My husband Phelan, lies dying in Lir's Reach and the only hope of saving him exists here, in the Otherworld.
I did not know this place would be so strange and frightening though, and I cannot accomplish my task alone. I'm looking for a Warrior to help me, and I can offer my Spiritshadow Armour in return.
 For each piece of armor, you need to gather 5 quest items and bring them back to Heather Campbell

Armor Level Quest item  Location
Gauntlets 100 (5) Enchanted Leaves Ashborn Dryads
Boots 105 (5) Captured Souls Green Wraiths
Helm 110 (5) Golden Apples Quickthorn Dryads
Greaves 115 (5) Living Ambers Oakheart Dryads
Breastplate 120 (5) Crystalline Nexuses Grey Wraiths

Enchanted Leaves come from Ashborn Dryads
Captured Souls come from Green Wraiths

Golden Apples Come from Quickthorn Dryads
Living Ambers come from Oakheart Dryads
Crystalline Nexuses come from Grey Wraiths

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