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Thursday, September 18, 2014

GUIDE: Connacht Armor Bosses (Vanquisher / Pathfinder / Magus)

This guide shows the locations of the rare spawn Connacht bosses that drop Vanquisher/Pathfinder/Magus armor in Shalemont.

In Shalemont, there are several places where a rare Connacht armor boss can appear.

These bosses were introduced during the 2011 Christmas event, and used to spawn behind the castle when it was an open field.

These bosses drop armor pieces from one of three sets depending on what boss it is. They can drop gloves, boots, pants, shirt, or mask (and a shield for the vanquisher set).

Connacht Vanquisher Armor Warrior Bladelord Oran Swiftblade (Level 70/6*) and
Baron Hagan Deathstrike (Level 80/6*)
Connacht Pathfinder Armor Ranger/Rogue Bowmaster Castan Trueflight (Level 70/6*)
Connacht Magus Armor Mage/Druid Archmage Urien Spellweaver (Level 70/6*) and Archduke Manus Arcanum (Level 80/6*)

They have several spawn points in Shalemont, and it is random which one spawns at each point

  • At Ribbonswords, East of the dead tree
  • Across the bridge to the left at Greygorge, by Trappers
  • Near the stairs of Bromhold Keep
  • To the left of Greygorge leystone, near Welwan Greywall, on other side of the tree from him.

  • Behind Redbane by horses

  • Across the river from the Shalemont River leystone, there is a mob that stands still on a small hill in the path.
Pic: Divinity Stryke/Taranis

Here are some various pictures of the different spawn points.

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