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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GUIDE: Master Grove/Twisted Weapons (+3 skill weapons)

A complete list of the Master Grove/Twisted weapon mobs that spawn in Stonevale and the Otherworld that give +3 to skills.
** This list is a work in progress. I will be adding to this list as I find more info. Thanks! **

Master Dagger of the Grove Bloodgrove Nightblade
Master Bow of the Grove Bloodgrove Oakbow
Spawns near the tree north of Starspells spawn place Steady Aim
Master Sword of the Grove

Bloodgrove Champion
Spawns at the tree between the unicorns and druids, near the Bloodgrove Pathwatchers. Shield Bash
Master Axe of the Grove

Bloodgrove Butcher
At tree by Felfire's spawn place Giant Swing
Master Mace of the Grove

Bloodgrove Mauler
Protective Stance
Master Staff of the Grove Bloodgrove Earthmaster
Spawns in the circle area in front of the portal, in front of the big tree, and walks to the entrance and back. Shield of Bark
Master Wand of the Grove

Bloodgrove Spellsinger
Spawns in the circle area in front of the portal, to the left of the entrance by the rock. Lure of Fire
Master Twisted Dagger The Gatewatcher
First mob you come to as to leave Warden's Crossing Quick Strike
Master Twisted Bow

Blackened Eye
Walks north and south in the far east section of the green eyes. Sharp Shot
Master Twisted Blade Viscious Eye
Master Twisted Cleaver

Bloody Eye

Near Blue Eyes Frenzy
Master Twisted Hammer Eye of the Void
Between Blue and Purple Eyes Pummel
Master Twisted Staff Eye of Doom Strangling Vines
Master Twisted Wand Necrotic Eye
North of tree that's north of the two mushrooms, next to the wall Ice Shards

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