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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GUIDE: Moon Masks

A guide that shows all the locations of the rare Moon Mask spawns throughout the world in Celtic Heroes.

** This guide is a work in progress. I will be adding to it as more information comes available **

Moon masks are dropped by rare spawn mobs in Lir's, Catacombs, Shalemont, Stonevale, and the Otherworld. They were first introduced with the summer event on August 9th, 2012. They now spawn rarely if you know where to look. This guide will show you where these mobs have a chance to spawn at.

Here is some information on the moon mask item:
  • Moon masks fit in the head armor slot. It is not fashion
  • Moon masks are dropped by rare spawning moon mask mobs, listed in the table below.
  • There are 4 varieties of every Moon Mask color, which affects what evasion stat it adds
    • Seer's: Spell attack evasion
    • Enforcer's: Physical attack evasion
    • Troubador's: Movement attack evasion
    • Vanguard's: Wounding attack evasion
  • Moon masks come in 10 different colors. Color affects the amount of stats it adds.
  • The higher level mobs drop the best moon masks.
Level Armour Health Energy Evasion
White 100 30 300 300 500
Black 80 20 200 200 400
Purple 60 15 150 150 300
Blue 40 12 125 125 200
Turquoise 20 9 100 100 150
Green none 7 75 75 100
Yellow none 5 50 50 75
Orange none 3 30 30 50
Pink none 2 20 20 25
Red none 1 10 10 10

Here are the locations where Moon Mask mobs can spawn:

Mob Name Level Location
Flintblade Bandit Moon Mask In Flintblade camp in Lir's
Overlook Outlaw Moon Mask East of stone circle in Lir's on the hill.
Skullcrusher Tracker Moon Mask Skullcrushers by Hagvar in Lir's
Highway Footpad Moon Mask Southwest corner of Lir's behind Crookback.
Penitent of Donn Moon Mask
22 In the Catacombs, the room south of the Dry Bones skeleton room, this is the mob that stands still to the right of the entrance to the hall.
Black Guard Moon Mask
40 In the Catacombs room South of Avatar of Donn's room, the mob to the right of the door that stands on the stairs can spawn a moon mask.
Connacht Auxilliary Moon Mask
35 West of the MacCroin Encampment in Shalemont, go West to the tree with two mobs next to it, along the wall next to the entrance to Stonevale.
Connacht Outrunner Moon Mask
Connacht Blade Moon Mask
44 East of the Greygorge leystone there is a tree along the river, north of the bridge. There is a mob that stands near the tree and doesn't move. This one has the chance to spawn a moon mask.
Connacht Ironclad Moon Mask
In camp by Redbane spawn. It is the mob that wanders in a tight loop by the broken wall close to the river with a torch near it.
Connacht Valourgard Moon Mask By Atrisal
Glimmerwing Needler Moon Mask
South of Stonevale farm in the field next to the river. Cross the bridge, take a right. The mob standing still has the chance to spawn a Moon Mask mob.
Bloodgrove Leafguard Moon Mask
75 Bloodgrove Pathwatcher that walks North and south across the entrance to Falgren's area
Bloodgrove Fellbrother Moon Mask
In the druid circle East of Falgren, mob that stands still to the right as you enter
Blackstone Soldier Moon Mask
126 Mob in front of the ramp to the fortress in the Otherworld.


Mob on north side of the bridge to the castle in Otherworld.

Dragoncult Sorceror Moon Mask
143 Mob that walks back and forth in front of the obelisk. Also can spawn a master hammer mob, and is marked by #2 on this map.

and all the beautiful people over at the rare spawns groupie. Thanks for the pics!

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