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Thursday, September 18, 2014

GUIDE: Master Weapons (+2 skill weapons)

A complete list of the master weapon mobs that spawn in Shalemont, Lir's, and Crookback that give +2 to skills.

Master Axe of the Conqueror

Connacht Conqueror
Connacht mob that walks along river and behind tents  to the south of the Wrolf's camp at Greygorge.
Master Bonecallers Wand Crookback Bonecaller
Crookback Throneroom to the left of the throne.
Master Bow of the Avenger
Connacht Avenger Staircase near atrisal, top step
Master Rust Blade
Crookback Rustblade
In hall on the way to the Crookback throneroom
Master Smiter's Mace
Crookback Smiter
First mob in room with beds on the way to the Crookback throneroom.
Master Trickster's Dagger Connacht Shadowblade
In Greygorge camp, next to Connacht Food Taster
Master Blade of Victory  Connacht Blade Lord
Greygorge - Walks along river from Carlow the killer to the bridge.
Master Dagger of Shadows

Connacht Shadowblade
Shalemont Ribbonsword Area - Just to the East of Malus the Serpent, there is a large tree along the river in the area where the Ribbonswords are. There is a Connacht mob that walks just to the south of this tree. 
Master Lurker's Bow
Crookback Lurker
Outside Crookback, to the left of the entrance, there is a mob that stands near the rocks and does not move.
Master Mace of the Crusher Connacht Crusher
Mob that walks basically in a straight line from below Klondur to the tree in front of Welwan Greywall
Master Staff of the Stars
Connacht Spiritseed
Mob that walks to the south of Redbane, passing the leystone, and to behind the tree where Severen Skystrike is. 
Master Underseer's Staff Crookback Underseer
Crookback Hollow - In Bonehead's room, the mob in the back right corner that doesn't move.
Master Wand of Secrets
Connacht Grand Mage
Rare spawn located next to Issian Firecry (at the tower near greygorge).

Picture courtesy of Rattlesnack


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