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Monday, September 8, 2014

Recording Celtic Heroes using RecordMyScreen

This is a quick tutorial on how to install RecordMyScreen on your iDevice
I recently have started using RecordMyScreen on my iPhone, and the results have been spectacular! I am having the least latency ever, and I can start recording very easily while I am playing. Here is how I installed it

Installing RecordMyScreen

1) Jailbreak your device
This is a Cydia app, and can only be installed if you jailbreak. This is not a jailbreaking blog, so I won't put in the details of how I did it, as there are many other great sites telling you how to jailbreak.

For my device running iOS 7.1, I used the Pangu Jailbreak. It has an untethered reboot, and is very simple to perform. You need iOS 7.1 to use this, so if you don't have it installed you will need to update to it.

2) Open Cydia
3) Search for RecordMyScreen (Tweak)
4) Install RecordMyScreen (Tweak)

Setting Up RecordMyScreen

RecordMyScreen does not show up as an app on your home screen. It is in your settings. Here is how to use it

1) Go to Settings > RecordMyScreen (it's near the bottom)
2) Tap Activation Methods
3) Choose the buttons you want to push to activate recording (I chose pressing both volume buttons at the same time)
4) Tap Back
5) Tap Video Orientation
This is the orientation that you want to record CH in. Choose one of the Landscape options. But remember to always have your device in the correct position before recording or your video will be upside-down (Home button to the right/home button to the left).
6) Tap Back
7) Turn on/off Record Audio
It's up to you if you want to record audio or not.

Start Recording

1) Turn on CH and start playing
2) While playing, press the buttons that you chose in the RecordMyScreen setup to turn on recording
3) When done recording, press the same buttons to turn off recording.

Managing Videos

1) At the home screen go to Settings > RecordMyScreen > Manage Recordings
2) Tap on the recording to view what you have recorded. Tap done when finished
3) On that recording, tap the (i) button on the right side of the rrecording.
4) Tap Save Video
5) Exit back to the home screen.

Uploading to YouTube

I won't go into setting up your YouTube Channel, because Google has a good tutorial on how to do that. I will be telling you how to get your video from
1) Connect your device to your computer
2) Open it with Windows Explorer
3) Go to the folder with videos, and copy it to your computer
4) In YouTube, upload the video
5) Add a title, description, and music to the video

You're done! Enjoy your new video on YouTube.

To see examples of some of the videos I've done using this process, go to my YouTube Channel at:

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