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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween 2014 Samhain (Fall) Event Guide

This is your guide to the Halloween (Fall) 2014 Samhain event in Celtic Heroes that lasted from Oct 9, 2014 to December 8, 2014. I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.
Samhain 2014 - The Web of Urchaid 
Samhain is quickly approaching and a new chaos unfolds......
      Deep from the chasm, evil rose…
      As the warlocks withdrew to their citadel, lodged deep within the mountains, the great spider Urchaid crept over the trapped souls in Donn’s lair and approached the dark god.
      She saw an opportunity to appease her master and take advantage of the warlock’s failure. Now she had the chance to feast on the flesh of mankind anew, as so few ventured deep into her domain and hardy adventurers were often tough and sinewy, not soft and tasty like the ones on the surface - the ones she and her brood had been fed when the Morrigan’s forces ruled the land and the great Fortress of Dunskeig struck fear into anyone who saw its walls, stained black by dried blood.
      Urchaid was not foolish though, she had plotted and planned to serve her master, watching how others had failed, and now she saw opportunities for her brood to lay their eggs in Lirs’ Reach, turning the sickeningly righteous humans into her brood slaves.
      Oh yes… slaves!

The Fianna were restless…
         Phelan stared into the gloom of Carrowmore, straining to see further than his aged eyes could possibly manage. The life of the Fianna and their constant battle against evil had taken their toll on him and whilst he knew they fought for the gods, he found old injuries would ache, reminding him he was not so young anymore.
         His young charge Ryanne approached with a rich restorative brew which brought the light back to his lips. He looked deep into her eyes and saw the very spirit of nature there, she had been blessed by Druantia, goddess of Druids, and somewhere deep in his soul he knew she would become the High Priestess of the Fianna. Phelan hoped that day was distant. Her face had yet to gather the furrows and marks of age that the responsibility of command would bring.
        An unexpected, unwelcome sound made his head snap round; the sound of spiders. An army moving with determination, spinning their webs across the chasm to Fingal’s Cave and the lands of mankind beyond. At their head the unmistakable figure of Urchaid, the overlord.
Phelan looked at Ryanne, her young face ridged with concern, and they stirred Siofra from her slumber.
The people of Dal Riata would need help and the Fianna were well versed in spiders’ cunning, trickery and venom.


There are 4 bosses in this event. Each encounter is the same, but with more difficulty as the boss level gets higher.

  • The spider adds heal the boss. Kill them all
  • The zombie adds just auto damage, you can kill them or offtank them.
  • The boss has a high attack speed, and high skill evades
    • Use smoke bomb, expose weakness, entangle, howling wind
  • The boss has three different skills, all are directional AoE DoT's. 
    • Use the potions dropped from scorpions to cure/prevent DoT skill (for 200 our tank uses about 15 of each of the 3 kinds per fight).
    • If you stand in front of the boss, you will get hit with the DoT skill. The only person that should be standing in front of the boss is the tank. All DPS classes should be behind or off to the side. Druids should be to the side, or behind the tank out of range of the AoE.
  • The way we fight him is straight up tanking him. With a level 190+ tank in full DL we only need 4 druids for an Urchaid 200/6* fight.

Grath the Ugly (50/6*) and Grath's Spawn (50/5*)
Location: West of the Flintblade Camp in Lir's
Respawn Time: 3-5 hours

Tarile the Chilling (100/6*) and Tarile's Spawn (100/5*)
Location: Fingal's Cave at the abandoned camp East of the path to Sewers, by river.
Respawn Time: 3-5 hours

Akais the Venomous (150/6*) and Akais's Spawn (150/5*)
Location: Carrowmore Tunnels north of the Fianna camp leystone
Respawn Time: 3-5 hours

Akais The Venomous (Oct 9, 2014 fight #2)

Urchaid the Overlord (200/6*) and Urchaid's Spawn (200/5*)
Location: Stone circle in Lir's Reach
Respawn Time: 3-5 hours

Each boss casts three skills that can be removed with balms dropped from scorpions found around Lir's Reach and Fingal's Cave
Skill Removed by Dropped by
Acid Bite Acid Balm Acid Scorpion
Rime Bite Rime Balm Rime Scorpion
Pyre Bite Pyre Balm Pyre Scorpion

Each boss has a lot of zombie and Guradian adds. The zombies just attack, but the Guardians will also heal the boss. These mobs do give XP so they might be good to level up on, especially the level 190 mobs.

Boss Drops:
Each boss can drop these types of loot. 6*s drop 3 items, and 5*s drop 1 item.
Item Type Description
Ring Adds skill poits to a skill, and a direct bonus to that skill as well.
Ex: +9 to Nature's Touch and +288 to heal.
Charm Adds to a stat, and skill points to two skills
Ex: +2 to strangling vines, +2 to lightning strike, +18 focus
Helm Adds to a stat and two abilities
Ex: +6 foc, +5 vit, +20 nat magic, +5 armour, +20 spell evade


Wayfarer's Headdress
This quest starts in the castle to the right of the courtyard entrance at Ryanne the Druid. You will be gathering spider silk from Darkbrood Spiders found in Lir's Reach, Crookback Hollow, Fingal's Cave, Farcrag Castle, Dustwither Catacombs and the Arena. Each spider can drop 1 to 3 pieces at a time.

The reward is a Wayfarer's Headdress. This headdress is worn by the Fianna during their ancient rituals to praise Fingal for gathering them as one. You also have the chance to get the ensorcelled variety of headdress, that has a purple glow and bats.
  • Red - 5 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Pink - 10 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Orange - 20 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Yellow - 40 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Green - 80 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Turquoise - 150 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Blue - 250 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Purple - 400 pieces of Spider Silk
  • Black - 600 pieces of Spider Silk
  • White - 1000 pieces of Spider Silk
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2555 pieces of Spider Silk!

The different levels of spiders can drop different amounts of silk

  • Level 10 spiders drop 1
  • Level 15 spiders drop 1-2
  • Level 20 spiders drop 1-4
  • Level 30 spiders drop 1-5

Curtailing a Contagion
This quest starts at the NPC to the right of the fountain in the castle.
Urchaid's spiders have infected people around Dal Riata and now they harbour the eggs of her terrible brood. I need the help of a brave hero to cleanse this infection before it is too late!
The kin of Urchaid, the great spider, infect their victims by planting eggs into their bodies with their bite. As they grow, these eggs control the mind of the host, so that hey defend the terrible cargo they contain. When the eggs hatch, the host dies, and a new clutch of Urchaid's spiders are unleashed upon the world. The only way to prevent this is to purge the body with magic before the eggs hatch. 
I need you to take an Icon of Danu from one of the chests beside me and use it to cleanse the infection from all the people we know to have been bitten so far - I'll write their names down in your quest log. When you have cured all of these stricken individuals, return to me, and I will reward you for your efforts. 
  • Take an Icon of Danu from a chest behind Siofa the Druid, and put it on. Equip the Purification of Danu skill to your hotbar.
  • Find the people in the quest log by following the X's on your map.
  • Use the Purification of Danu skill on them to cure them
  • The reward is a random potion
  • This is a daily quest.

Spider Lord Daily XP Quests
This quest starts at Phelan the Druid to the left of the fountain between the buildings, and requires you to defeat a spider lord three times to finish the quest.The respawn time is one hour.
Quest Level Mob Name Mob Level Location
50 Spider Lord Corash 60/5* West of the Tavern in Lir's Reach
110 Spider Lord Ronax 120/5* At beach to the left of Skullcrusher Camp in Lir's
170 Spider Lord Arachnus 180/5* In Fingal's to West of the Camp by ravine

Each boss is surrounded by adds that will give you a different DoT debuff that is cured by scorpion balms. Each balm has an effect that lasts for 60 seconds.
Mob Skill Removed by Dropped by
Acid Spider Acid Bite Acid Balm Acid Scorpion
Rime Spider Rime Bite Rime Balm Rime Scorpion
Pyre Spider Pyre Bite Pyre Balm Pyre Scorpion

Luxury Shops and Items

Mount Shop
Cornel of the Karpati sells nightflyer mounts to the left of the castle fountain. The most expensive mount is the Exhalted Karpati Nightflyer, which has a proc skill of 500 damage per tick, and a Sonic Screech skill that is like shield bash. Sonic Screech can be good for Hrungnir battles because it interrupts his fetid feast skill.

Luxury Shop
Miruna of the Karpati sells luxury items of rings and necklaces. There are no bracelets in this event. The most expensive necklaces are 1.5m gold, and the most expensive rings are 750k, with level requirements of 150. The 100 level req items are 1m and 500k gold for necklaces and rings respectively.


Arachnid Mystery Chests are 50 plat for one, or 400 plat for 10. They have these items in them:

Spidersilk Fashion
Spidersilk fashion is available for all fashion slots, and is gathered seperately. They come in a variety of colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, turquoise, black, white.

Each color comes with different effects, that each have a different rarity: normal, ensorcelled, spectral, ghostly, and firey.

Instead of charms, we now have masks in the chests that only take up the head fashion slot. You have the possibility of getting a witch, skull, or werewolf mask. They can come in any of the colors listed above, with the possibility of getting rare ones with special effects of normal, ensorcelled, spectral, ghostly, and firey.

The instruments that you can get out of these chests are harp, lute, horn, and flute. They come in different rarities: Shrouded (common), Dusklight (4th), Nightfall (3rd), ?? (2nd) Midnight (rarest).

You have the chance to get a special nightflyer mount out of these chests. The rarest, Mythic Nightwing is white and has wings that flap (flapping only on Android, or after iOS engine update)

Samhain Witches

In Lir's Reach you will see Samhain Witches flying around. They mostly drop pumpkin bombs or flameburst pumpkin bombs, but have the possibility to drop a rare mount or instruments. Pumpkin bombs do damage to a single target, and flameburst pumpkin bombs do AoE damage to multiple targets within 6 meters.

Item Name Dmg
Minor Pumpkin Bomb 10
Lesser Pumpkin Bomb 25
Mystic Pumpkin Bomb 50
Greater Pumpkin Bomb 100
Grand Pumpkin Bomb 250
Mighty Pumpkin Bomb 500
Majestic Pumpkin Bomb 1000
Royal Pumpkin Bomb 2000
Imperial Pumpkin Bomb 5000

There are different levels of witches, that give a very good amount of xp if you are within their level range.
Mob Name Lvl
Samhain Witch 20
Circe of the Misty Coven 40
Chedipe of the Dark Coven 90
Morai of the Blood Coven 140
Hecate of the Blood Coven 190

Thanks to
Special thanks to:
mdimarco - for letting me know about carrowmore darkshadow spiders :)

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