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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Best Place to Sell Items

In Celtic Heroes, each shop offers different prices when you sell your stuff. These are the best places to sell your items in the new Destiny Engine update.

In v4 Celtic Heroes, the best place to sell items was the castle lux shop. In the Destiny Engine, this is no longer the case. I tested out all the shops using a variety of items and comparing them to the v4 Quigley value. The chart below shows which shops you get the most money from. 

Each type of item sells best to different vendors. You can get the most money from:
  • Vendor Trash Items
    • Castle skill book vendors
    • Aedhan the Locksmith in Fingal's Cave
    • Aislin the Merchant on the bridge in Lir's Reach (Bandage Wounds skill vendor)
    • Bericus MacCroin at the Stonevale Farm. (SV Ancient shop)
    • The Scavenger lux shop in the Otherworld
  • Weapons
    • Innes the Raider
  • Armor:
    • Arald the Raider
    • Angus Mac Lir
    • Culann the Smith
  • Rings and Bracelets
    • Cabrey the Squire
    • Lord Ealdwin
    • Quigley
    • Scavenger
    • Subranch the Faerie
  • Fashion
    • Pirate Fashion Vendor

Results are mixed when selling lux items to the vendor. I will need to do further testing to determine a pattern.

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