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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yule 2014 Event Guide

This is your guide to the Yule 2014 Winter event in Celtic Heroes that started December 8, 2014. I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.


There are 4 Monolith/Obelisk bosses in this event. Each encounter is the same, but with more difficulty as the boss level gets higher. They come in 5* and 6* difficulties. The 5* Obelisks drop one item, and the 6* Monoliths drop 3 items. They respawn within 3-5 hours after they are killed.

Taranis has hurled great Monoliths into the ground of Lir's Reach. These great shards of stone are possessed of a strange sentience all of their own, and will lash out with bolts of lightning at any who come near. 
I've heard it said that these Monoliths are made of Frostiron, and that when one of them is destroyed, the pieces of Frostiron left behind can be used as weapons... I wonder if that's true?
  • Each Monolith has a ranged auto attack, and does three skills
    • Lightning Shock - a one target lightning strike attack
    • Ice Beam - a one target ice shard attack
    • Power of Taranis - grants great strength and armor to one of the troll adds for 60 seconds
  • Each Monolith is surrounded by 3 troll adds that have a lot of health and hit hard. Harder than the boss in fact. When one of them is empowered by the Power of Taranis, they are very difficult to defeat. They respawn in 4-5 minutes.
Monolith of Tempests (lvl 50/6*) and Obelisk of Storms (lvl 50/5*) 
Location: Lir's Reach - West of the Tavern by the waterfall

Monolith of Tornadoes (lvl 100/6*) and Obelisk of Gales (lvl 100/5*)
Location: Fingal's Cave - West of the MacLir Camp leystone
Monolith of Hurricanes (lvl 150/6*) and Obelisk of Typhoons (lvl 150/5*)
Location: Carrowmore Tunnels - North of the Fianna Camp leystone

Monolith of the Malestrom (lvl 200/6*) and Obelisk of Whirlwinds (lvl 200/5*)
Location: Lir's Reach - Stone Circle

Boss Drops
These bosses can drop rings bracelets, and rarely a weapon. Here are descriptions of what they can drop. (Click/tap picture to enlarge)


Top Hat Quests
This quest starts in the castle to the left of the fountain by thetree at Kennis of the Snow. You will be gathering Red Yuletide Presents found in Lir's Reach, Crookback Hollow, the Tavern, Farcrag Castle, Dustwither Catacombs and the Arena. There are also rare purple presents, that when opened give you 10 red presents.

The reward is a Top Hat, worn to celebrate the festive season. You also have the chance to get the sparkling variety of top hat, that has a sparkling effect.
  • Red - 3 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Pink - 5 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Orange - 10 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Yellow - 25 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Green - 50 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Turquoise - 80 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Blue - 100 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Purple - 300 Red Yuletide Presents
  • Black - 500 Red Yuletide Presents
  • White - 1000 Red Yuletide Presents
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2313 Red Yuletide Presents!
The presents respawn in about 4 minutes after you pick one up (source: Nueee/Arawn)

A Touch of Frost (Winterstaff quest)
This quest will have you killing Grim Wisps found in Lir's Reach, Crookback Hollow, the Tavern, Farcrag Castle, Dustwither Catacombs and the Arena. Once you loot 20 Iceheart Crystals from them, you can turn them in to Serena of the Ice to the left of the Castle Courtyard leystone for a Winterstave of a random color and rarity. You might even get one that sparkles! See the map above to find where the Grim Wisps spawn.

Sprites come in level 20 from 1 to 5 stars. The more stars a sprite has the better possibility it has of dropping multiple Iceheart Crystals. There is also a level 190 sprite that spawns rarely, and will give you a decent amount of xp.

You can also rarely get instruments and mounts from the level 20 sprites.

Jack Frost Daily XP Quest
This quest starts at Jack Frost to the right of the fountain in the Castle Courtyard, and requires you to defeat 3 XP bosses, and loot one drop from each of their guards.

  • The item drops come from the non-bow mobs.
  • The xp bosses can be completed in a group
  • This quest is easily soloable. The mobs are very weak.
  • The xp bosses spawn on a 30 minute timer.

Luxury Shop


Ansgar of Glenmor has journeyed from the northern lands carrying jewellery and other items blessed with potent magic.  
The luxury items he sells are among the most powerful seen in the Celtic lands, but do not tarry if you want to see what Ansgar has t osell - he will only be in Farcrag Castle during Yule!


Dolina of Glenmor has journed from the northern lands with his Winterwings, Arctic Wings, and Polar Wings - powerful mounts for adventurers like you to use in the defense of Dal Riata 
If you with to buy such items from Dolina, seek him out in Farcrag Castle, and hurry - when Yule draws to a close, he, to, will take his leave.


There's a new mystery chest in the Item Shop - the Frostbound Mystery Chest contains an array of new and exciting items including new Glenmor fashion items and wigs, Winterwings, Arctic Wings, new Yule Instuments, Frost Faerie charms, heroic elixir bundles, Cloudburst Rods, up to 4000 platinum, and agrand prize of two million gold 
Don't wait around though, the Frostbound Mystery Chest is only available during the Yule 2014 event!


Yule crackers can be found on the ground around Lir's Reach. These can be sold to shops for a good price. The rare ones are especially a good find! Check the map above to see where to find them.

The best place to sell crackers to get the largest price is at:

  • Castle skill book vendors
  • Aedhan the Locksmith in Fingal's Cave
  • Aislin the Merchant on the bridge in Lir's Reach
  • Bericus MacCroin at the Stonevale Farm.
  • The Scavenger lux shop in the Otherworld

  • Reveller's Cracker of Yuletide  50
    Adventurer's Cracker of Yuletide  100
    Courtier's Cracker of Yuletide 1000
    Noble's Cracker of Yuletide 2000
    Lord's Cracker of Yuletide 5000
    Prince's Cracker of Yuletide 10,000
    Queen's Cracker of Yuletide
    King's Cracker of Yuletide 50,000

    Story - Into the Maelstrom

    Deep in the Karpati Mountains… 
    Deep in the Karpati Mountains upon their highest peak lay Rath Torrannach. The mighty fortress encased in a maelstrom, its rocky exterior blistered and blackened with a multitude of twisted scars where forked lightning had leapt from the clouds to scratch its surface. 
    The raging storms meant that only the foolhardy would think to cross the high passes and of those only the keenest eye would be able to spot, let alone find, the entrance. The portal, sealed by thick black ice, had been barred to the outside world for centuries and held dark secrets which no man wished to uncover. The deep halls echoing with the sound of thunder lay desolate bar the movement of Boggan priests, tending to the vast tomes of their malevolent master. 
    In the throne room Taranis sat, drinking in the energies that surrounded him and waiting… waiting oh so patiently for the world to turn and opportunity to fall into his lap. As the great door facing him opened a smile came to his lips as he saw the bloodied and battered prisoner being dragged in heavy chains between the Skur guards. 
    A familiar face to all men. The Yulefather!

    Jack Frost pursed his lips… 
    Jack Frost pursed his lips as he put the finishing touches to his new creation. The fine frostiron twisted majestically around the mystical ice crystals to create wings of such grace that lesser mages would seethe in jealousy. 
    The spirit of winter and passing time knew only too well why mankind had abandoned his harsh winters for the hope the Yulefather brought. The hope that Belenus would return and with him the rising sun, bringing life to the world and caused his icy landscape to recede. 
    Yet hope was thin, the Yulefather was missing and the gates of Rath Torrannach had been flung open. The forces of Taranis had become the scourge of men and worse still, at their heart, vast sentinels of his own beloved frostiron had been corrupted by the evil god. Twisted into living Monoliths of destruction who would blast the unwary with lightning and ice. 
    Mankind had abandoned him and yet he cared for them too and so, with a grumpy grunt, he stood from his work, gathered his forces and went forth to drive back the darkness. 

    Thanks to:
    Desperatetwo (Arawn) for Queen's Cracker info

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