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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stonevale Guide

Stonevale has changed in the Destiny Engine. Here is a guide to help you on your way.


Bericus MacCroin - Sells the second tier of Ancient armor and weapons. His shop is unlocked after completing the Tam Lin quest line at level 62.

Sunbranch the Faerie - Sells faerie fashion charms jsut south of the Farm by the windmill.


Red Skill Book Quest
This quest begins in the castle. You need to get
  • 5 book pages for your specific class - These drop from 4* mobs in the Bloodgrove area of Stonevale. 
    • Some examples of mobs they drop from are Dreamsong Wisps, Baobhan Sidhe, Otherworld Harbinger, Ventus Bloodbinder, Blazemounts, and Bloodgrove Masters. 
    • You need to get pages 1-5, and each class needs a different set of pages 
      • Warrior - Journal of Zalza/Grok
      • Rogue - Codex of Veltissa/Krest
      • Ranger - Almanac of Drogan/Seraffa
      • Mage - Lexicon of Mathulus/Melisant
      • Druid - Manuscript of Sveltina/Creginus
  • A Red Book Binding and a Red Book Cover - You can get these from Atrisal the Invincible in Shalemont, Guzzletusk at the Northern Road in Stonevale boar pit, or Faerie Queen in fairy pit at the Southern Road in Stonevale.

Evil in Stonevale
This quest requires that you defeat each one of the major Stonevale bosses in order. The quest starts at Rhona the Druid at the Farm.
  1. Fellfire
  2. Chillmist
  3. Starspell
  4. Spirehoof the Corrupted
  5. Falgren Bloodbinder

Darkshadow Armor
This quest gives you access to the middle tier Shadow Armor, and starts at Elwen the Scholar at the farm. You can find the walk through of this quest here:

Chaos Wraith
The quest starts at Tabitha the Scholar at the farm. 
  1. First you must pick some Burdock from around the farm and return to her
  2. Then you get a dagger and you must kill a Chaos Wraith across the river South of the Farm
    1. You need to use the dagger, as these Wraiths only take Divine damage
  3. The reward is a Book of Alteration, and a Book of Rebirth
Tam Lin Quest Chain
This quest line starts at level 50 at Janet Kelso at the Farm. You will end up finishing this quest chain at level 62 at the earliest because each step in the quest has a level requirement to it. The reward is a ring, and access to the second tier Ancient shop at Bericus MacCroin
  1. Talk to Janet Kelso
  2. Talk to Brothag the Druid at the Northern Road
  3. Get some Wildsnout tails and return to Brothag
  4. Return to Janet Kelso
  5. Talk to three people in town to get clues,
  6. Get Tam Lin's Sword from the Glimmerwing Pickpocket at the Southern Road. Return to Tam Lin.
  7. Talk to three people in town to get clues
  8. Get Tam Lin's Brooch from the Glimmerwing Rascal at the Southern Road Faerie Pit. Return to Tam Lin.
  9. Talk to three people in town to get clues
  10. Get Janet's Engagement Ring from the Glimmerwing Thief at the Norhern blue wisp road. Return to Tam Lin.
  11. Talk to Janet to finish the quest.
Warden Quest Armor Chain
This quest line starts at Sweyen the Messenger at level 60. It continues at the stone circle in Lir's, but requires you to get Disc Fragments from bosses in the Bloodgrove in Stonevale. The full walk through of the quest can be found here:

Bloodgrove Druid Quest Chain
  1. Quest: Hog Tied
    1. Talk to Pedrek the Druid at the Farm 
    2. Talk to Brith the Shepherd 
    3. Kill 5 Frenzied Boars, return to Brith 
    4. Talk to Pedrek 
  2. Quest: Finding the Refugees
    1. Talk to Pedrek 
    2. Talk to Innes MacCroin at the Southern Road 
  3. Quest: The Missing MacCroins
    1. Talk to Innes MacCroin 
    2. Find the Refugees in Stonevale and use Bandage Wounds on them.
  4. Quest: The Bloodgrove Ritual
    1. Talk to Pedrek 
    2. Kill 5 Bloodgrove Acolytes and return to Pedrek 
  5. Quest: Defeat a Mystic
    1. Talk to the Statue of Danu
    2. Defeat the Mystic that the statue tells you to defeat. There are three of them, the statue picks one.
    3. Return to Pedrek.

Meteor Quest Bosses
There are three Meteor armor quest bosses in Stonevale: Goretusk, Bladewing, and Spearhorn. The complete Meteoric Armor guide can be found here:

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