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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pikels Guide to Wyvern Bracelets

This is in reference to the bracelets dropped by wyverns in OW.

From original forum post here

These items are tradeable, non binding, and more than one of each type can be worn. Previously, the level requirement was bugged and all bracelets had a lvl 50 req. this was fixed in recent patch.

There are five different types of WYRM BRACELETS:

GODLY - lvl req 100 - adds 25 to three stats

IMPERIAL - lvl req 90 - adds 20 to three stats

ROYAL - lvl req 80 - adds 15 to three stats

MAJOR - lvl req 70 - adds 10 to three stats

MINOR -Lvl req 60 - adds 5 to three skills

There are also four different subtypes of WYRM BRACELETS:

WYRMSCALE - Strength, Focus, Vitality

WYRMTAIL - Dexterity, Focus, Vitality

WYRMCLAW - Strength, Dexterity, Focus

WYRMFANG - Strength, Dexterity, Vitality

So there are a total of 20 different WYRM BRACELETS. A GODLY WYRMSCALE BRACELET is lvl req 100 and gives plus 25 to str, foc, and vit. A MINOR WORMCLAW BRACELET is lvl req 60 and gives plus 5 to str, dex, and foc.

Thanks to KingRaa for confirming the existence of Wyrmfang bracelets.
Thanks also to Aileron for reporting on the lvl req bug.

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