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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Birthday Event 2012

This guide will tell you all about the First Birthday Event in 2012
The First Birthday 2012 event for Celtic Heroes went live on July 3rd, 2012 and ended July 31st, 2012, although some content stuck around after the event ended. It included new bosses, items, mounts, and quests.


Birthday Party Hats
Party Hats were the first head fashions in Celtic Heroes, and the purple birthday hat was the first hat to ever sparkle. The quest started by collecting red birthday presents in the castle to get a red hat. After that, players would travel Lir's Reach to get Green Birthday Presents. There were several colors of hats, and each successive hat required more presents that the previous one. The highest tier that was the purple one. The black one could only be gotten by killing black hat mobs around Lir's Reach.

Total collection of presents there is 1,085
Red hat: 5 red presents. (Found in castle)
Pink hat: 10 green presents. (Found in lirs, tavern and arena)
Orange hat: 20 green presents.
Yellow hat: 50 green presents.
Green hat: 100 green presents.
Turquoise hat: 150 green presents.
Blue hat: 250 green presents.
Purple Hat: 500 green presents.
Black hat: Rare drop from Black Hat Gang mobs

Gathered Items

There were cupcakes laying on the ground around Lir's Reach. These added a particle effect to you for a couple seconds when you used them.
  • Smokey Cake - Adds a smoke effect to you
  • Spicy Cake - Adds a flame effect to you
  • Glowing Cake - Adds a glowing effect to you
  • Sparkling Cake - Adds a sparkling effect to you

There were balloons floating around Lir's Reach that you can pick up. They come in a variety of colors. When you use them they release a balloon into the air.


Magic Carpets
Magic carpets were introduced in the July 20th Patch, and lasted throughout the Summer Event. They came in various colors, and the highest one increased your speed by 70%

Luxury Shop

Scavenger Shop
The Scavenger Luxury Shop was released in the middle of this event on July 20, 2012. It has continued to stay in the game since then, although there was a patch in the early days to correct a few glitches, such as being able to equip two revenant bracelets at the same time. Some of these glitched bracelets that were bought previous to the fix continue to stay in the game.

Fairy/Crookback Charm Shop
These charm shops were released with the July 20 patch, and were taken away at the end of the summer event. They were later brought back, and the fairy shop continues to be in the game, although she is by the Stonevale Windmill now. The Crookback charm shop was taken out of the game in December 2014 with the Destiny Engine Update.


Double XP Weekend
For the Weekend of July 6-8, 2012, any XP you received from killing a mob was doubled! If you were using an XP potion, the effects of that potion were also doubled! This gave x8 xp per mob!

Double Gold Weekend
For the Weekend of July 12-16, 2012, any gold you received from killing a mob was doubled!


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