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Monday, February 2, 2015

Gelebron's Tower Rumors

There are tons of rumors about what is going to be in Gelebron's Tower. This post consolidates all the confirmed rumors so you know what to expect!
Gelebron's Tower is going to be the newest zone in Celtic Heroes, going into beta testing in early Q1 of 2015, with a possible release of mid Q1. The beta test is scheduled to only last two weeks, so once beta testing starts, the update is not far behind.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read if you want to be surprised!

*Updated Feb 4, 2015*

The info here is largely pulled from what OTM staff had to say to the forum Guides. Here is what we know about it so far:
  • It will be accessed via the tower entrance near the Gelebron's Tower leystone in the Otherworld.
  • The "Test of Regulus" quest is a required prerequisite to enter the tower.
  • There will be 6 floors to the tower
    • Floors 1-5 will be released initially, and will have content for people level 170 and up
    • Each floor will require you complete a quest chain to access it. The quest will require a small to mid-size group.
    • The 6th floor is where Gelebron himself resides, and is a major boss encounter.
      • Gelebron will require a group size similar to Mordris
      • There may or may not be 5* placeholders that geared toward smaller raids, or additional raid bosses for smaller groups.  After getting feedback, Wulver confirmed that there will not be 5* placeholders for Gelebron and other bosses, but there will be smaller 5* bosses for small groups that spawn in the Tower alongside Gelebron. 
      • The 6th floor is planned to be released as part of the Spring Event update.
"We also may add further floors in the future as Gelebron didn't build the tower himself, he's just the current occupant so there's levels even he's not explored"
    • There is a suspicious staircase leading down from the first floor.... could there be a tower dungeon in the future?
  • The tower is meant to be more group focused, rewarding people who play together. However, there will be some solo content.
  • There will be a number of tower quests, and daily tower quests
  • There will be new loot drops
  • New skills?
  • There will be new consumable arrows for rangers
  • There will be consumable items that allow you to fight in tougher areas

Other additions coming soon:
  • General performance improvements
    • Restructuring the networking layer to fix disconnect issues
    • Bug fixes, misc improvements
  • Crafting System
"Aim for crafting is to provide independent crafting professions that have some crossover with other professions or game systems. So some rare crafting ingredients will come from killing monsters or from rare drops from gathering professions, crafting quests, etc." 
"The framework for crafting and gathering will be very flexible so we'll be able to move quite quickly to add new professions or tweak existing ones." 
"Some items will require materials from multiple crafting/gathering professions or multiple sources such as vendor purchases or mob drops, this will be to encourage trading and player interaction." 
"At the moment we're planning to have all professions open to all players."
 "We've not made event-specific plans for crafting yet but the system will be flexible enough for us to add new drops/recipes with patches and events."
        • Gathering professions
        • Bounty Board - Additional daily quests
          • Released not long after the tower
          • New quests added regularly with a server restart, not a patch

        More info to come! 
        Check back regularly for updates!

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