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Friday, February 13, 2015

Beginners Guide to Celtic Heroes

This is a beginners guide to Celtic Heroes, going over some of the important terms and aspects of the game.


Main Interface: Everything you see on your screen

Select Menu 

This is the button on the upper left corner on the screen and is shown by a traditional celtic symbol.    It includes everything to do with your player, as well as everything related to your human interaction with the game.


This button is below the Select Menu button and is shown by three blue person profiles. It encompases all options relating to your current player's standing and relation to other players.


This button is below the Social Button and is shown by a chat bubble. It includes all options to chat with your fellow players.

There are five kinds of chat enumerated below. There's also an option to block people if they get excessively annoying or to block spammers.  To block a player, click on them, click the magnifying glass in the bottom left former of your scree, and click "block".  Shouts also can be turned off if they get too distracting.  This can be done in the Options screen.

  • Talking: This kind of chat broadcasts to everyone in a small radius from you. Useful for communications between two groups, and just chatting.
  • Shouting: This is the most common chat, and broadcasts to the entire zone, and is commonly used for selling/buying items, questions, request for a group, and flame wars.
  • Group Chat: This broadcasts to every member in your group, regardless of zone. Useful for doing boss fight strategizing, and for just chatting with someone when you're in separate zones on different tasks.
  • Clan Chat: This broadcasts to every online clan member. Useful when voting, gathering a group for a clan battle or boss, or staying connected with your friends.
  • Whisper: This is a direct player-player message, and can be sent to any zone. This is the default chat when in-trade, and is also helpful when discreetly communicating a rare boss spawn. Not preferred for normal chatting, as the purple writing is often hard to see.


This button is below the Chat button and is shown by exclamation marks. It includes all possible emotes

Emotes are essentially emoticons acted out with 3D modeling of you character. The current emotes are Cheer, Blow Kiss, No, Tap Dance, Bow, Wave, and Sad. They are used in role playing games, formal in-game events, music videos, or parties.


There are 14 worlds (servers) for iOS, and 5 servers for Android.  Unlike other games, no servers are specified for certain time zones.  However due to variance in culture between each server, it is still very important which one you select.  Each world has its own established order and ettiquite, usually set by the top clans.

Things that can vary between worlds are policies on Kill stealing, Rushing, Boss group rules, Item drop rules (depending on the clan) and also if it's FFA, ect.  Here are some brief descriptions of the differences of the servers.


There is only one playable race (human) and 5 classes.

Historically the cheapest and easiest classes to play are Warriors and Rangers.  It is strongly recommended you play as one of these characters first as your player/Main, especially if you are starting out without any friends help or buying Platinum.

Druids and particularly Mages are known to be difficult and expensive classes to play because their armor is weaker so it is harder to solo.

Most servers are not heavily populated so soloing is most often the best option for leveling.  The reason it is harder to solo with lower armor is that more damage is taken and therefore health takes longer to regenerate, as well as dying more frequently.  Also these two caster classes go through much more energy than the other classes which also takes time and skill points to regenerate.  The other option is to buy sigils or Luxury items to regenerate faster from the Platinum shop or Luxury merchants respectively.


Celtic Heroes like other MMOs is a place where it is easy to get scammed.
Click here for the guide on how to avoid scams

Celtic Heroes is free to download and play but there can very likely be a significant cost involved.

Most players to make it past level 90 find it necessary to spend money to buy Platinum.  From my research it seems that the average cost to get to max monster level (currently 150) in a reasonable amount of time is $200+.  (ed: now to get up to lvl 190 it costs an additional $200 conservatively) It is not uncommon for serious players to spend multi-thousands of dollars to accomplish their goals or get to/stay at the top.  However a couple very prominent players have gotten to the top in the past and near the top now without spending any money.  Therefore it is possible if you are patient and willing to spend much more time and effort.

If you do decide to buy plat, this cost will depend on how fast you want to level, how much time and in game income you have, and what class you play.  The least expensive classes to play historically are warriors and rangers.

Since it is often perceived that Celtic Heroes costs a lot to play, this tends to lead many players to the feeling that scamming is their only/best option to get ahead.

Please see GUIDE: How to Level Up Cheaply and Poor wo/mans guide to making money for ways to make gold by farming instead of buying it yourself using real life money.  While it is possible to play using the contained methods, be advised that to keep up with heavy plat buyers you will have to spend roughly 4 hours to farm gold and 4 hours to level (8 hours total) to keep up with a heavy plat buyer that only plays for 1 hour.  You have been warned.  Many players realize this distinct class system and lack of fairness; and quit.


When in a group, all xp and gold gets distributed evenly between all of the group members within range of the kill. Groups are mainly used for training together, and for boss fights.

When in a group, Target Lock treats the group as a whole, meaning that once one person locks a boss, they will all get the rewards. Another use of groups is in FFA or PVP battles in the arena, as you can't deal damage to anyone in the group, also, there are a few class specific skills that buff everyone in a group, and the easier communication makes grouping a must do activity.

Target Lock is a equalizer that kicks in when someone damages a mob down to 3/4 hp, after that, the mobs name turns grey to outsiders and if someone attacks it at 70% and kills it, the first person gets the drop. It was implemented to reduce complaints of Kill Stealing.

Used courtesy of MDiMarco

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