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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Clans and Clan Ranks

This guide describes what clans are, and the ranks within a clan.

A clan is created with a Clan Banner which is bought from the Platinum Store, with the banner user as the chieftain.

Clans are great for making friends, establishing bonds, getting a group together for a boss, or just training. Each world has quite a number of clans, for all ranks and classes. There are 4 ranks in a clan:

  • Chieftain: The supreme leader of the clan, can invite, demote, promote, and kick players from the clan. Can also elect someone to take his place as ruler. Only one person can be the Chieftain.
  • General: Second in command to the Chieftain, Generals can invite, promote clannies up to Guardian, demote, and kick players from clan.
  • Guardian: The standard moderators and recruiters for a clan, Guards can invite, promote clannies up to clansmen, demote, and kick players from clan.
  • Clansman: The standard rank for most clan members, Clansmen have no powers whatsoever.
  • Recruit: The standard rank for a newly joined member, Recruits have no powers at all

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