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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stats: Damage

This guide tells you all about damage in Celtic Heroes. Damage consists of Elemental, and Melee.

Elemental Damage

There are three types of elemental damage: 

Cold, Fire, and Magic 

Each type has its own specific resistance which can be seen specified on certain armors. What amount or percentage of incoming damage that a given level of resistance prevents is not currently known by the player base.
Mages use fire and cold skills. Mage wands typically do magic damage. 

Druids deal magic damage with their skills. 

Other classes can do elemental damage if items that they use add it. 

Unlike melee damage, it should be fairly easy to tell what type of elemental damage an enemy is dealing.

Melee Damage

Melee damage is broken up into 3 different types:

Slashing, Crushing, and Piercing. 

Some gear adds resistance specifically to one of these three types only; which can be seen in the item description.

It is unknown what type of melee damage monsters are doing, but it is safe to assume they are doing only one type of the 3. Trying out different types of melee resistance gear and recording damages received is one way.  Also sometimes it can be assumed based on what type of weapon the monster is using, sword is slashing, mace is crushing, and dagger is piercing for example.

Attack and Defense

Damage is done either by auto-attack or skills.  Auto attack is influenced by some factors that are different from what effects skills. 


Chance to hit an enemy using a normal melee (non skill) attack.  This chance to hit is effected by the enemies defense, and the exact percentage to hit given a certain attack and defense match up is unknown to the player base.

Effects chance to block, dodge, or parry, or cause the enemy to miss normal (including auto) attacks.

This chance to avoid normal attacks is based on the charecter's defense, as well as the opponent's Attack.  What percentage chance there is for this to occur at a specific attack and defense matchup is unknown to the player base.

Defense is stats based, with two defense given per point in dexterity.  Sometimes extra defense is given by an item that is not linked to dexterity, in which case it is specified in the item description.

skills can not be blocked, dodged, parried, or missed, they have to be evaded (also called withstood).  See 5 skill evasion abilities for skill evasion and the skill evasion training guide


Attack is dexterity (stats) based.  You gain 1 attack per point in dexterity.  Also Attack can be given separately on equippable items, if it does it will be visible in the item description.


Also see how stats, skill level, and abilities affect damage.

Damage typically can't be done effectively on monsters 15 or more levels above the player.  This arbitrary limiting of damage is a defining aspect of Celtic Heroes and puts level at the forefront of importance in the game.

Auto Attack Damage

Auto attack damage can be calculated from the following:

Auto Damage = (0.158 *(STR)^0.5 + 0.061 * (Ability )^0.5+0.95) * PhysicalDamage + ElementalDamage

This equation is arguably the most important discovery that has been and will ever be made in celtic heroes history.  Papi on the forums discovered it after much much hard work.  It looks simple, but to derive this takes an experienced theoretical scientist.

DPS (Damage Per Second)

Weapon speed should be taken into account when calculating damage. A slow weapon will do less damage over time than a fast weapon. This is why people use Heroic Elixirs of Haste.

  • DPS = Damage/WeaponSpeed
Each weapon has a speed listed on it. In the picture below, the speed is listed as 2400 milliseconds. This means that this weapon will hit every 2.4 seconds.

There are certain items that will speed up your attack speed, such as Gloves of Haste, Ring of Haste, or Reaper Rings that increase your attack speed by 30%. There are also potions and elixirs that will increase your attack speed more, but they do not stack with any gear you have that increases attack speed.

Used courtesy of MDiMarco

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