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Monday, February 9, 2015

Generic Guide to Boss Fights

In the process of fighting bosses, there are multiple roles that a player can perform. Each class typically has its own role. These roles include tanking, healing, buffing/debuffing/supporting, damaging, and killing surrounding mobs (Commenly known as "Add killing"). Aside from these roles, there are also sub roles associated with the tactic being used to kill the boss.

The tank is the player who is meant to take the hits from the boss and if necessary, the surrounding mobs (Adds). The class well built for this is the warrior due to the given skills and high armor rating from their armor. A good tank has very high health at the cost of strength/damage and put points in hate increasing skills.
The healer has a self-explanatory role; Heal the tank! With the addition of AOE skills, bosses are now able to damage players all around the place. The healer also has the responcibility of healing others that get damaged by adds and skill hits from bosses. Druids have the skills required to be a healer
These similar roles are meant to make fights go smoothly. Every class excluding the warrior has the ability to buff and debuff.
A damager is anyone who attacks the boss in hope to deal as much damage as possible. Due to their naturaly high DPS rating, rogues and rangers are usualy the best for this role.
Add Killer
An add killer is someone who is in charge of killing the surrounding mobs. During boss fights, adds can get in the way, causing additional damage to the tank or even interupting a healer's skills while it kills them. Warriors and rogues are best suited for this role.
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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