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Monday, February 9, 2015

List of NPCs

This is a list of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in Celtic Heroes

NPC Name
Alwyn the Druid
Simon the Druid
Beathan the Druid
Farmer McCraig
Private Dougal
Private Duncan
Captain Ross
Lord MacLir
Ranger McKay
[Spell Book Merchant] Broon the Mage
Faolan MacLir
[Blunt Trainer] Harry Hammers
[Axe Trainer] Ragnar the Axemaster
Leland the Druid
Emilia the Mage
Sergeant Grumpshot
Hugh the Novice
Piranus the Mad
Alan MacDougall
[Weapon Trader] Fergus the Blacksmith
Katherine Dunmore
Gregor the Innkeeper
Finnigan the Ranger
Molly the Rogue
Court Physician Emrys
[Skill Merchant] Glamora the Warrior
Sandow the Strong
Altus the Warrior
Megan the Ranger
Godfrey the Warrior
Bronwen the Druid
Icemage Emilia
Orlak the Mage
[Skill Merchant] Knavelaw the Rogue
Eustace the Scout
Boris the Sneaky
Gildan the Healer
[Skill Merchant] Louarn the Ranger
Cori the Rogue
[Spell Book Merchant] Aspen the Druid
Farmer Moffatt
Galway the Sage
Corporal Gudgeon
[Armour Trader] Nevin the Armourer
[Weapon Trader] Roarke the Blacksmith
[Armour Trader] Vevila the Armourer
[Item Trader] Jaryn the Smuggler
Darra the Innkeeper
Gwen the Gossip
Brady the Guard
Jill the Shepherd
Rafferty the Romantic
Murray the Miner
Una the Furrier
Declan the Druid
Hogan the Barkeep
Cayden the Ranger
Severina the Alchemist
Torbin the Sailor
Grania the Rogue
Blind Old Erskine
[Item Trader] Brodie the Opportunist
[Luxury Item Trader] Quigley the Merchant
Knox the Mage
Guthrie the Herbalist
Rowena the Druid
Caryn the Cook
Blair the Archer
Abernethy the Archer
[Item Trader] Angus MacLir
Dervla Mathanach
High Druid Canonach
MacCroin Soldier
Sergeant Angus
Corporal Catriona
Brogan the Quartermaster
Doctor Cormac
Loman the Woodcutter
Earlene the Herbalist
Sergeant Kerr
Gregory the Scout
Private Bruce
MacLir Guard
Bowen the Horsemaster
Chase MacLir
Isla MacCroin
Commander Cullen
Ranger Camryn
Mage Fallon
Captain Teague
Captain Garret
Finn the Scout
Rory the Scout
Myrna the Scout
Alan the Scout
Keita the Scout
Dreylaw the Arms Dealer
MacCroin Soldier
MacCroin Soldier
[Trader] Aislin the Merchant
[Spear Trainer] Scathach
Taliesin the Bard
Kail the Defector
Rhona the Druid
Farmer Forbes
Janet Kelso
Tam Lin
Brothag the Druid
Brith the Shepherd
Alena the Villager
Timan the Crofter
[Totem Trainer] Cantorix the Druid
[Trader] Ashlen MacCroin
[Trader] Bericus MacCroin
MacCroin Prisoner
MacCroin Prisoner
Oisin the Warden
Sweyn the Messenger
Brixos the Warden
Rhallai the Warden
Vinda the Warden
Eanan the Warden
Griga the Warden
[Undead Charm Trader]Igor the Crafty
Morvern Pumpkinhead
[Broom Trader] Velkira the Witch
Hatti Wartfingers
Agatha Carbuncle
Festus the Mad OLD
[Novelty Trainer] Fuggles the Jester
Festus the Mad
The Yulefather
Snowdrop the Faerie
Albin Fireheart
Jack Frost
[Sled Trader] Bob Slayer
[Hand to Hand Trainer] Stony Morgan
[Banker] Baldwin the Banker
Segorax the Gladiator
Brennan the Mighty
Eryn the Lighthouse Keeper
Gate Captain Grun
Segna the Scholar
Blaze the Duellist
Nairn the Guard
Broc the Warrior
Eavan the Druid
Griss the Ranger
Adyna the Mage
Frang the Rogue
Lilas the Healer
Niblet the Guard
Bobbins the Guard
Wotsit the Guard
Crotchet the Guard
Sergeant Arnhuin
Mirain the Seer
Tyric the Druid
Statue of the Daghda
Statue of Cerridwen
Statue of Epona
Statue of Gofannon
Statue of Lir
[Skill Merchant] Cathal the Ranger
Vika the Skilled
The Scavenger
Wayland the Smith
Culann the Smith
Jean the Jeweller
Muriel the Tailor
Sandy the Tailor
Bogan the Ragged
Deira the Cobbler
Gideon the Book Binder
Regulus the Spellweaver
Starflower the Faerie
Hamish the Hatter
[Beach Crier] Finna the Loud
Bryson the Hatter
[Town Crier] Fergal the Noisy
[Magic Carpet Trader] Rasool the Mystic
[Charm Trader] Grumpit the Crookback
Sunbranch the Faerie
Swampy the Hermit
Bragen the Druid
Elsya the Shaper
[Spell Book Merchant] Evonne the Mage
Gaston the Chef
Moyna the Trainer
Mugworth the Porter
Amlyn Stormsword
Captain Burdock
Throg Bonesmasher
Catreena Thistlethorn
Brother Furric
Arlan the Ranger
Nemon the Traveller
Morwenna the White Knight
Anika the Witch
Whysten the Witch
Bryarnia the Witch
Starspin the Witch
Emberta the Witch
Betsy the Witch
Crypstig the Witch
[Seals of the Spirits] Carnak the Scholar
[Duskshadow Gloves] Anurn
[Duskshadow Shoes] Resu
[Duskshadow Cowl] Lubra
[Duskshadow Leggings] Mori
[Duskshadow Robe] Cern
[Seals of the Spirits] Deschan the Sage
[Darkshadow Gloves] Iser
[Darkshadow Boots] Nexa
[Darkshadow Hood] Rotna
[Duskshadow Breeches] Umbaal
[Duskshadow Cuirass] Firin
[Seals of the Spirits] Lod the Mystic
[Spiritshadow Gauntlets] Fermo
[Spiritshadow Boots] Tuida
[Spiritshadow Helm] Salin
[Spiritshadow Greaves] Alag
[Spiritshadow Breastplate] Lanash
[Female Fashion Trader] Orla the Witch
[Wraith Charm Trader] The Wanderer
Drummond the Quartermaster
Hamish the Miller
Baird the Baker
Overseer Greig
Cormack the Miner
Sergeant Fyfe
Shieldbearer Seara
Shieldbearer Caolan
Chieftain Diarmuid
Ellig Strongarm
Aldwin the Steward
Treva the Explorer
Grain Sack
Dusty Box
Dark Pool
Gilvaig the Foreman
Tyren the Scholar
Sick Miner 1
Sick Miner 2
Sick Miner 3
[Luxury Item Trader] Lord Ealdwin
Varthon the Smith
[Cloud Spirits] Skorvan Skycaller
Rudi the Yuleboar
Skorvan's Cloud
Cadha the Prospector
Ambros the Healer
Barron the Miner
Leina the Cook
Fiacha the Bard
Odran the Pirate
Payl the Guard
Gowan the Smith
Fianna Clansman
Pit Pony
Jowan Steelhand
[Pirate Fashion]Ervin the Sailor
Jory the Smuggler
Ryol the Smuggler
Boone the Smuggler
Grubbs the Hermit
Finlow the Smuggler
Aldington Guard
[Bone Item Merchant] Arald the Raider
Elara the Armourer
[Bone Item Merchant] Innes the Raider
Dirk the Smuggler
[Luxury Item Trader] Cabry the Squire
Fianna Raider
[Lockpick Merchant] Aedhan the Locksmith
Lowland Black
Shire Horse
Aislin's Horse
White Saddler
Shetland Pony
Tabitha the Scholar
Statue of Morrigan
Corran the Miner

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