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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Battle Mage

I took the liberty to name this build the "Battle Mage"
What it is, is a hybrid melee, support, and casting.
It rivals a intricately tuned normal dps mage even in killing 3 stars, but requires much less energy, is more fun for me, and has more spare skill points for support.
5 str
30 dex
200 focus
400 vitality
25 firebolt
32 firecloak
15 fire lure
13 bandage wounds
15 lure of soldiers
25 energy shield
8 points saved for lure of assasins + 7 from rings
golden blade of fire (200)
golden helm of fire (50)
40 damage midsummer? amulet
heroic haste gloves
diamond chest and pants
1 prepatch invigoration bracelet
1 post patch invigoration bracelet
skill rings (taken into account in my skills)
I hit from 150-250+ on auto every 1.6 seconds
Firebolt hits from 250-450
eshield blocks about 900 damage roughly
my health is bout 2.7 k
energy about 1.7k
energy sigils 400. (good)
Health sigils 40 (need another few hundred so I can drop bandage and heal faster)
One of my clannies called me a "Battle Mage" nice!
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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