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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Comparison

By Notsofast Forum post
Thought I'd post the different types of mage builds, and how to use them.
For mages, they are mainly 3 different types of builds you can use :
1) Support - only way to level as a high level character tbh. For support, keep your focus and vit about balanced, as you'll need both (lava is a pain)
Stats - Lure of assasins - MAXED!
Cloak - maxed
Lure of soldiers - maxed
Lure of fire/ice - You could split these two, or put more in whichever you find comfortable in (all depends on level and # of skill points and rings)
E - boost - Energy support is a big thing for mages, as for boss fights rouge tend to complain a bit, so keeping this at around 50ish+ per tick should be good for ya
Sacri - This is a bit controversial, some people like it, some dont. This is a great skill in my opinion, as it can give about anyone immediate energy (though you'll need a druid,or a high healing ranger to keep you going)
2) Solo
Now for solo, you can either be a jack of trades build, or a fire mage build (ice isnt really worth it, especially if you miss an ice shards), below I'll be describing a jack of all trades build
Cloak - 24
Fire bolt - 20
Lure of fire - 12
Lure of ice - 12
Ice shards - 21
E shield - 26
E boost - 14
Sacri- rest of points
This build is mostly for upper high levels (above it describes a 120?ish mage). Not the best dps, but it allows you to solo up to 3* mobs around your level, and have enough regen to comfortably move from fight to fight. Solo sucess is greater with rings.
You should rebirth your skills to have about 200 more focus than vit (excluding armour/books)
3. H2H
This is Mdiamarco's build, im just posting it here as its actually a very good way to level, and quite a few mages have taken to it.
Max cloak
Max lure of fire
Max e shield
Max e boost
Rest of points Is to ice shards (half of ice shards points go to lure) i.e 22 ice shards, 12 lure; or 30 ice and 15 lure
This build is probably the best dps, and best solo class mages can get. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to maintain it.
To effectly solo with it you need golden blade of fire, heroic gloves of haste, golden helm of intensity, and preferably some radiant or earthstone damage gear to help with your autos.
I hear str doesnt really effect damage, so no points in that
50ish dex
Focus is 100 greater than vit
Not the best guide of builds for mages, but its what i scrapped up in only 30 minutes of research (lol) . Thanks for reading, and of course feel free to leave comments/questions/concerns (also if you have another build you use, be sure to use it)
P.S. if you guys want a PvP build, I'd gladly post one
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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