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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Golem Master Build

Think golems are hard to solo as a mage? Not any more. This build was designed to defeat 1-2 star golems with no e-shield, 3 star golems with 1 eshield and 4 star golem with 2 e-shields and 1 resto pot. 

And this works with golems up to 3 levels higher than the mage. Stats and skill numbers are for a 125 ish mage. Adjust yours according to your level.
5 str
30 dex
291 foc (gear bonus not included)
334 vit
30/30 firebolt
28/30 fire lure
30/30 ice shards
16/30 ice lure
31/30 e-shield
(rings included)
H2h near maxed (1110 ish)
fire and ice abilities maxed
fortitude around 800 (best gained by fighting kelpies)
golden fire blade (trying to get ice blade for fire resist)
golden helm of intensity
greater solstice necklace
diamond shirt and pants
spirit shadow boots
heroic gloves
no weapon (h2h)
Sigils: 300 health 300 energy.
Elixers of choice: super xp
This build was made to hit hard and fast, exactly what is needed vs. golems. Also a strong eshield is a must for 3 and 4 star golems. Cloak is not good vs golems since they attack slow. Cast ice lure first, then ice shards. Then fire lure and firebolt. Turn on auto-attack and cast bolt and shards whenever they come up.
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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