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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Melee Mage

Minimum energy use mage. No strength. This can be elite.
The given stats are shown for a level 150.
Strength 5
Dexterity 5
Focus 55
Vitality 710
You don't want to dodge
Skills: Max Cloak of Fire
Max Lure of Fire
Max Energy Boost
Half max Lure of Assassins (for grouping)
Half max Lure of Soldiers (for grouping)
No magic lure because wand damage is negligable, might as well go all else fire and max only 1 lure.
Heroic speed gloves
Golden blade of fire
Use a reguler wand that can be baught by the beach (for its attack speed) or train in the art of hand to hand.
Greater earthstone type armor for fire damage.

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